Why You Should Rent Furniture to Stage Your Home

Rent Furniture Singapore

Are you trying to sell your house or have it rented? Either way, staging your home can be beneficial if the purpose is to attract people and make them interested.

Unfortunately, home staging services can get a little expensive. Not to mention, if you choose to stage it yourself, the cost of buying furniture, having them delivered and then pulling them out once the property has been rented or sold, isn’t exactly cheap.

When you’re conflicted with such a trouble, the best solution is to get rented furniture. It doesn’t only come at a low cost, but you don’t have to worry about delivery fees at all.

Below, you’ll find numerous benefits as to why you should rent furniture in Singapore to stage your home and get people interested.

1.    Enjoy the benefits of home stagers

Home stagers are expensive. Not to mention, they probably are only working with furniture rental companies themselves. This means that the furniture they put up in the homes that they stage isn’t actually theirs.

By working directly with a furniture rental company, you cut costs significantly, because you can have your home staged, have the furniture delivered and picked up (once the house is sold or rented) for a low, low price.

Keep in mind that not every furniture rental company includes delivery and pick up fees during your initial quotation. So just to be safe, make sure to ask.

2.    A staged house is a beautiful house

It’s no secret that it’s easier to sell a house that’s been recently renovated or remodelled. But, that costs a lot, and it’s not like you always have spare money for it. Nor, should you anyway, especially because, most home buyers (or renters) like to do their own personal renovations themselves.

Staging your home serves as a middle-ground. Though your home may not be perfect and is in dire need of certain repairs or renovations, filling it with beautiful furniture and stylish accessories can mask all of your home’s flaws while also accentuating its strengths. Even if you have to be honest about what needs to be repaired about your home, interested buyers can see the house’s potential with a little bit of work.

3.    Empty spaces aren’t always good

For someone with a vivid imagination, a purely empty space is great. However, for most people, they just want something that they can relax in – a home with great value and a good fit for their needs and wants.

Majority of the market couldn’t care any less about how the empty space could look like with a little bit of work. They’d prefer if the space was furnished first before they imagine how they would use the other spaces if they were to live there.

For that very reason, it pays to rent furniture. A home that’s staged sells faster and for a higher price because you’re putting your home’s best face up front.

Just think about it, why would real estate companies take you to tour their model houses, even though the actual houses don’t really look like them? It’s to tempt you, the home shoppers. You can do the same thing for your home.

Whether it’s up for rent or up for sale, renting the right furniture can make visitors fall in love with your space and make them want to own it. So do it as soon as you can, and you can rent out your home or sell it off successfully.