Why Rent Furniture – The Advantages of Furniture Rental

Home Furniture Rental Singapore

Whether you’re an individual who’s just starting out on your own, trying to raise a family or an expat new to a particular country, the last thing you want to worry about is the furniture.

Unfortunately, renting out a fully furnished place might cost a bomb. In addition to the higher rent, it also comes with an increased security deposit, not to mention that you might not like the furniture in the first place. But living in a place without furniture is almost impossible, since, well, it’s empty and dreary, the two words that you don’t exactly want to describe a place that you’re living in.

This is where home furniture rental Singapore comes in.

Instead of spending your time worrying about finding a fully furnished place or looking for furniture you like, you can rent individual furniture pieces.

When you make the decision to rent furniture, you get the benefits of having a fully furnished place at the fraction of the cost and without all of the hassle of assembling everything yourself.

Furniture rental companies will deliver, set up, and remove the furniture, all for an affordable price.

Benefits of Renting Furniture

1.) Convenience – When you rent, you get the option to visit their shop or to order the furniture online. The furniture is then delivered to you in 24-48 hours once you’re done choosing. It’s that simple.

2.) Money-saving – Purchasing furniture costs you a lot of money, and that’s not taking into considering the costs of having it delivered to your home, or the hassle of having to bring it up into your home. But when you rent, you not only have the option to pay for your furniture on a monthly basis, you don’t even need to worry about delivery since it’s sent to you directly.

3.) Hassle-free transaction – Rental companies provide you with everything you need to get yourself set up. From beds to pillows, silverware, appliances both big and small, you can rent it all. Since you’re not buying them, you don’t have to worry about selling getting rid of everything at the end of your stay– you only need to return them, get back your deposit, and that’s it.

As you can see, by renting, you delegate all of the hard work to the rental companies. You don’t need to go out and shop anymore and you don’t have to worry about losing money when selling them at much lower prices.

The best part? You can opt for a rent-to-own structure so you end up owning the furniture once the contract ends.

From expats to students to home stagers, there are a lot of people who can and have benefitted from renting furniture. While not a permanent solution to furnishing dilemmas, it does at least give anyone the option to get the furniture they want and need at the fraction of the cost of what they would have spent buying the same furniture.