Why Is Furniture Rental Gaining Popularity in Singapore?

Why Is Furniture Rental Gaining Popularity?

Only recently has the idea of renting furniture gained traction in Singapore. Indeed, the question that arises is: Why buy furniture, when you can lease? Change is the only constant thing in life. Imagine you’ve landed a new job in another city and you have to shift. The most significant challenge is to either move together with your furniture or order new furniture. Either way, you’ll spend quite a lot of money. When you have to relocate again, looking to find potential buyers for your second-hand furniture or shipping them back to your home is another big hassle.

In Singapore, furniture leasing has become part of life. With the current tough economic times, anything that saves money is embraced wholeheartedly. With leasing of furniture, homeowners can transform the look of their homes frequently without worrying about economics or getting rid of the old furniture. Here are a few reasons that explain why furniture rental has increased in popularity in Singapore.

Speedy delivery

After choosing your preferred furniture and subscription, you can expect the furniture right in front of your doorstep within three days. Instead of wasting time selecting chairs, couches and coffee tables for your living room, you can lease a pre-arranged set of living room fixtures for a flat rate. That means if you choose to move to another city and have no furniture, you can have a fully furnished home within the three days if you opt for furniture leasing in Singapore. This offers great convenience for people who do not have time to furnish their homes on their own.

Swap and change

New furniture designs continue to pop up every day. That means that your taste in furniture is bound to change over time. Why invest a lot of money on acquiring furniture for your house that you may get bored of? Furniture rental offers you the chance to refurbish your home with a wide range of furnishings and themes. This means you can remodel your home’s décor after a few months, and let the rental service company deal with moving furniture in and out of your house.


Why spend considerable sums on buying furniture when you can make use of rentals to get the latest furniture design in the market at a reduced monthly fee? In a year, you can save a significant sum of money through renting furniture and you can invest this money elsewhere for better returns. Furthermore, expensive and trendy furniture today may not always remain in fashion. When you sell them in future to upgrade, you will sell them at a loss. Avoid such losses by simply leasing furniture.

Rent-to-own plan

If you wish to keep your furniture for the long haul, but you don’t have enough funds to buy the furniture at once, you can talk to your dealer about the rent-to-own program. This means that you’ll be making small payments as rents every month towards the final objective of owning the furniture.

Home staging

A crucial part of trying to sell your home as quickly as possible is styling it to capture the attention of potential buyers. If you are organizing your house for home staging, you know that having the right furniture is essential. However, you might realize that your furnishings don’t accentuate your house quite the way you wish. Or perhaps, your furnishings are in transit as you prepare for your next move. In this case, furniture rental is a practical solution that can make sure your space looks welcoming so that it appeals more to potential buyers.

Does your occupation involve constant relocation? Or do you prefer moving around before settling down somewhere? If your profession or studies demands temporary living arrangements, furniture leasing will make sense for you.