Why Choose Rental Furniture? – Several Benefits to Consider

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It may surprise you to know that many people don’t know that you can rent furniture. Some might think you can only rent for the short term, for events or functions, and you must buy furniture for your apartment if it is leased to you unfurnished.

Renting furniture has many benefits and eliminates a lot of stress and hassle.

One benefit of furniture rental is that it is cost effective. Spending huge sums of money to furnish a house or apartment is not an option for many and it is a much cheaper short-term expense. There are many furniture rental stores in Singapore with prices to suit every budget and lifestyle. All you have to do is look around or online to find one that suits you.

Another benefit of furniture rental is that it is hassle-free and convenient. In as little as 48 hours you can go from having an unfurnished apartment to a furnished one with minimal stress. This is because many furniture rental stores in Singapore provide a wide range of services such as free assembly and delivery. After your rental period ends, they may disassemble and remove them from your apartment at little to no cost.

Furniture rental is also beneficial because it is a very flexible arrangement. You can upgrade old pieces to the latest and greatest models frequently, and you’ll never have to worry about having to settle for old, worn-down pieces

You can also choose to buy the furniture you’ve rented if you specify that you are interested in rent to own furniture. When your lease has ended and you don’t wish to part with it, you can take ownership of it using the lease buyback scheme. Rent to own furniture pieces usually give you the option to buy after a 12-month rental period. This has become increasingly popular in Singapore and may very well be the best option for you!

If you don’t like your rental piece, you can just give it back at the end of your lease period. Sure, you may have fallen in love with it at the store, but after a few weeks you may start to realise that it just doesn’t blend in with the décor or colour scheme at home. If you are someone who likes frequent change, then maybe you should consider rental furniture.

Ditch thoughts of having a custom-made sofa or custom furniture if you’re only planning to stay in this specific house for the short term. Eliminate wastage by renting furniture for the period you are in Singapore and help to keep our country clean, instead of turning furniture over again and again.

Of course, some may say furniture rental isn’t a good long-term option but the decision is yours to make. Will you be buying or renting?