Who Benefits the Most from Renting Furniture?

Rent to Own Furniture

Renting furniture isn’t for everybody. For some people, they can afford to pay for their furniture outright and not have to worry about monthly payments. However, for a lot of people, buying furniture upfront with cash isn’t always possible.

Having said that, we rounded up the types of people that benefit best from the advantages that renting furniture offers:

1.    Expats

Living abroad can be hard on your finances, and unless you’re lucky enough to get a fully furnished living space, you’re going to need furniture.

Furniture rental companies are more than happy to help expats even with their lack of credit, and because the upfront costs are minimal, as an expat, you can furnish your home for a very low price and pay for it monthly.

The best part? If you find the right rental company, you can have the furniture delivered right to you and picked up once the contract ends for free, right in the comfort of your home.

2.    Students

Moving away for the first time from your parent’s home can be daunting, and as much as your parents would like to provide for you, they can’t always do that.

While it’s natural to start with just a few pieces of furniture as a student and slowly add a piece or two over the years, renting furniture allows you to fully furnish your space with everything you need (and more) for a fraction of the cost.

3.    Home sellers

Home staging is expensive. The costs of hiring an interior designer and also paying for the furniture can add up to a large sum. Not to mention, you still have to shoulder the delivery and pick up costs.

Often, with furniture rental companies, you only have to pay for the monthly fee, nothing else. They will deliver the furniture for you and pick it up once the house is sold. Some even offer design services so you don’t need to hire a home stager to do it for you.

Given that staged homes sell faster on the market and that renting furniture is cheaper than paying a home stager to do it for you, it’s a win-win situation.

4.    Landlords

Much like home sellers, a staged rental apartment has a higher rent rate than those with very little furnishings.

Whether you’re posting it on Airbnb for transient use or you are looking for long-term renters, people will be more interested if they can see how your apartment looks like when it’s filled with furniture. Also, if you plan on turning the property into a transient rental home, you don’t need to worry about repair and maintenance costs by renting furniture – you only need to pay for the monthly fee and that’s it.

5.    New couples

Between the costs of moving into a new house (and perhaps buying one) and saving up to start your own family, most newly-wed couples often have very little money left for furniture.

By renting furniture, you can make sure that your new home isn’t empty without having to wipe your bank account clean. Besides, most furniture rental companies have rent to own furniture agreements available, so in case you want to buy the furniture eventually, you only need to pay a small premium on top of the monthly fee so the furniture will be all yours once the contract ends.

Though this group of people will surely make the most of renting furniture, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits if you’re not in this category, in fact, you can feel free to rent the necessary furniture and spruce up your home as well!