What to Do When Your Furniture Has Not Arrived from Overseas

What to Do When Your Furniture Has Not Arrived from Overseas

With the ease of technology and the Internet, people now have the option to order furniture online or even from overseas for their home or office. What is appealing about this option is that the companies will deliver your furniture right to your doorstep. However, what happens when your shipment doesn’t arrive on time? It could either be taking too much time for clearance or face some issues at the custom. You often have to end up going through an array of email sending and number dialing. Some people even end up having to stay out in hotels or service apartments because their houses are too empty and inconvenient to live in. Either way, the customer is at loss.

Although it is natural to panic in this situation, you need not worry as there is always a solution for you. In case you are one of the unlucky people whose furniture shipment still hasn’t arrived from overseas, this is what you need to do.

Send an email to the retailer

The first thing that you need to do is to contact your retailer officially. If you have been in contact with them via phone, then give them a call and ask about your missing products. As it is their duty and not the courier services’. It is better to contact them instead of asking the shipment service to get you your products. If you don’t have a number to contact, send an email to the company. The company’s customer services department will guide you in the right direction and help you launch an official complaint or feedback if you wish to.

Use furniture rentals for a short term period

There are times when a shipment can be delayed for months, especially for products from overseas. Where are you going to eat if the dining table you ordered is not going to arrive until two months later? One solution is to rent whichever furniture you are lacking. In order not to let your missing furniture disturb or lower your quality of life, you can consider renting furniture to replace your missing ones. Since these furniture rentals are for short term, you do not have to waste your money purchasing a temporary solution This is definitely a cost-effective solution for anyone who faces such a circumstance.

WTP Furniture leasing in Singapore is a great alternative people opt for to solve their problem. Whether you are a permanent resident or you will be living in the area temporarily, you can benefit from it. If you are facing this problem, consider going for our short term furniture rental where the minimum lease for a month can be extended when necessary. Contact WTP now to help you with your furniture requirement.