What Newly Wed Couples should know while setting up their First Home?

newly wed

Newly married couples are subjected to a myriad of emotions all at once. There is excitement and exhilaration coupled with a hint of anxiety that comes with starting a new life together below one roof. And it all begins with setting up the first home from scratch.

Planning a love nest with your newly married spouse is fun. However, it is also about creating an aesthetically pleasing as well as functional living space that provides happiness and comfort to both. You will need to deal with color schemes, furniture choices and loads more. And above all, you will also need to plan according to your budget. For instance, if you don’t have the budget to buy new furniture at the moment, consider renting custom made furniture from a furniture rental company. Here are a few more useful tips.

Pick the Neighborhood with Precision

The neighborhood you choose should be able to support the needs and preferences of both partners. Apart from basic requirements like ample lighting, fresh air, cleanliness and so on, there could be some specific aspects to take note of as well. For instance, choosing a locality that is equidistant from your workplaces is a good idea. Looking for a well connected neighborhood that is close to commercial and entertainment hubs would be great too.

Spend Time Understanding Each Other’s Tastes Needs and Preferences

Remember, everything you choose has to be mutually agreed upon. If the tastes differ radically, the task could seem uphill at first. Pick several color schemes and décor elements. Respect each other’s likes and dislikes. Discuss and deliberate till you achieve common ground.

For needs and utilities, the best thing to do is to jot down the requirements and prioritize. For instance, what are the kitchen appliances you would need immediately, which are the furniture items you need first, what about light fittings, utensils, tools and so on? Make a list for each category and grade them on priority.

Arrive at a Budget

Now that the requirements are in place it’s time to draw up a budget. Keep rentals in mind. Set aside an amount that you plan to assign for setting up the entire house. Now apportion amounts to each category. So, you will have a separate amount allotted for appliances, one for furniture and so on. Thankfully, furniture rentals are available at highly affordable rates, helping you save substantially by giving expensive purchases a miss. Even custom made furniture can be availed on rent for suiting your specific needs.

Refrain from Cluttering and Going Overboard

Since both of you are planning a home for the very first time, exercising restraint is important. Avoid going overboard with the budget and refrain from cluttering space. Settle for furniture rentals instead of buying so that you can optimize space and resources and choose exactly what you need. Add up later, if you feel the need to. For instance, if you need an extra sofa-cum-bed for your guests or folks visiting, you can always choose to rent it as and when the requirement arises.

And of course, plan a romantic corner in the household where you can simple relax, rewind and spend some precious time together. That would be the true icing on this laboriously yet lovingly prepared cake, you would be calling home.

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