Ways to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

small roomThe cantaloupe rule is an interesting rule which states that the smallest decoration in a room should not be smaller than a cantaloupe. This actually makes small rooms look bigger because it helps do away with clutter that kills visual space. The same goes for furniture, of which you should not buy too many pieces.

Instead, rent furniture when you badly need that loveseat for a special occasion. Here are some effective tips on maximizing the visual space of a small room.

Invest in mirrors

It is a tried and tested fact that mirrors add depth to small spaces. Hanging a large mirror on a bare wall or door in your room can also help reflect light. Ideally, mirrors should be hung floor-to-ceiling. In bedrooms, mirrored closet doors are a good option. You can get creative too—hang several small mirrors side to side, salon style, or right next to a window for added sense of space.

Go for monochromatic color schemes

Coordination in terms of paint is highly important in smaller rooms. Monochromatic paint colors can help create space and fluidity. On the other hand, employing contrast in your color scheme will create segments and make the area look cramped. Add a dash of surprise by painting the ceiling in a bold color. However, keep the trim a shade lighter than the wall color.

Free up space with wall storage

Keeping the area clear of redundant storage furniture is the key to achieving spaciousness. Free up walking space by opting for wall storage. Wall shelves can be used to store picture frames, books, decorative items, and a lot else. Contact a customized furniture supplier and get your own wall shelves made.

Get rid of the clutter

Organization is crucial to making a small room look big. Ridding your room of clutter creates the perception of space. Any space-killing knick-knacks should be done away with. Keep your clothing in drawers and find storage for your stationery and loose change.

Hang your drapes cleverly

The way you hang your curtains decides how big your room looks. Do not let the drapes touch the floor, since it cuts the room’s flow. Either tie them up or get them tailored to end a few inches above the floor. Moving on, since light is essential for the illusion of space, avoid getting curtains in dark colors. Lastly, you can create the appearance of floor to ceiling windows by hanging your curtains high.

Maximize space with wall art

Lots of small photos hung together are good in large rooms. Go for something that is bold and large-scale. This structures the room well, adding depth by creating a focal point for the room. You can go for enlarged photographs or canvas prints. Divide the wall into thirds and hang any pieces towards the lower third for a heightening effect.

Smart furniture tips on making a small room look bigger

With customized furniture, you have the option of space-saving built-in shelving around the bed. You can also rent furniture to try space-saving variations like futons and Pullman beds. Getting your bed recessed can create the illusion of depth. Transparent chairs and table tops can also help provide the illusion of space. Getting it made at a customized furniture store can also help save money. Another good idea would be to avoid bed skirts and go for exposed legs on furniture.


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