Ways to Furnish an Off-Campus Apartment for Foreign Students

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While studying in Singapore is a great opportunity, off-shore students face many challenges while they are studying. Moving away from home and family while managing everything independently is no easy task. International students have to make a number of arrangements before moving to a whole new country for studies. These arrangements include renting an apartment or a small place for them to reside in, and furnishing it according to their needs. Furniture leasing in Singapore is a great option to cater to these needs. If you are a foreign student, consider furniture rentals at WTP Singapore to answer to your temporary needs in your stay here in Singapore. Here are a few tips for students while renting furniture for off-campus apartments:

Go For Multi-Function Furniture

To stay within budget and maximize the use of space, it is advisable to rent furniture which is transformable. Multi-function furniture is extremely popular now as it is efficient in saving space as well as money. For example, instead of renting a plain table, opt for one that has storage functions as well. This type of furniture is extremely useful for students for saving space and reducing expenses.

Share Your Apartment, Share Your Expenses
As a student, it is understandable that you have to work with a tight budget. In order to cut down the cost of your apartment and furniture rental in Singapore, it is advisable to look for shared apartments that can be co-rented. It is common for international students to find such accommodations. While the rent of the apartment is divided, other costs such as service costs can be divided too. Additionally, the rent of furniture for common areas can also be shared. Sharing an apartment is a great way to network in a new country while funding your stay within a budget!

Keep Smart Storage

A lot of different surfaces can be used for storage. While traditional wall mounted racks and shelves can be used for items of regular use, less used items can be placed in storage boxes and kept under the bed. You can rent a common bookshelf that can be shared among your housemates as well.

Furnishing an off-campus apartment, while also attending classes and working on projects can be tiring. But if you keep these life hacks in mind, you can save money as well as furnish your apartment in an efficient way, and focus on your studies. Keeping the grades up would be easier without having to think about what to do with your furniture once you leave! If you need further guidance on the rental process, our professionals at WTP Singapore will be more than happy to extend our expertise to you.