Ways to Create a Comfortable And Appealing Guest Room


Hosting guests in your home can be quite an enjoyable experience. There’s always a sense of satisfaction that comes with helping your guests feel at home. When planning for a guest room, consider what you would expect in a good hotel and try to adjust your designated guest room up to that standard. A comfortable guest room gets rid of the hassle associated with a guest visit, especially for the host.

If you don’t have a room set aside for guests, you can convert one of your rooms. You don’t have to spend loads to create a relaxing haven, but you can arrange what’s necessary, clear the decks, and provide a serene environment to relax. Indeed, it doesn’t take a lot to make overnight visitors feel welcome. Read the pointers below on how to set up your guest room for your guests.

Comfortable furniture

Don’t let your guest sleep on an old, saggy mattress. You probably know how hard it can be to sleep at ease in new surroundings, especially in an uncomfortable bed. You can get a comfortable bed and purchase a comfortable mattress for the period in which your guest will be around. Similar to a hotel room, you will want to make the room suitable for several activities. This means getting multipurpose furniture, which can double as an eating area as well as a desk. You can get a trunk on one side of the bed, which can serve as extra seating as well as hold extra linens and clean towels. Bring in an upholstered armchair in the room as well as a lamp to add a cosy touch to the room. If your guest has special furniture that he or she requires during the length of her stay, you can consider renting furniture in Singapore. Furniture like an extra bed may not be a necessity in the room after your guest has left, so renting these extra furniture will help save you cost as you can simply return them once your guest leaves.


Provide a freshly laundered pair of sheets in your guest room and check if your guest has allergies before getting pillows for them.


Many people hardly remember to pack a towel when they travel as they expect one from their host. You need to provide your guest with clean towels to use. Put clean towels on the bed to make him or her feel welcome.

The small things

Stocking your guest room with a travel size shampoo, bathing soap, and conditioner is thoughtful and useful. Few remember to pack their conditioner and shampoo when traveling thus, this little gesture can make a big difference.

Clothing Rack

When preparing for your visitors, create a sense of home away from home in your guest room by providing a small clothes rack close by. You can install an over-the-door hook to accommodate any hanging garments and always remember to include several hangers.  Your guests will feel more comfortable unpacking during their stay and not be living out of a suitcase.

Clear the decks

Steer clear of the urge to fill the closet with old clothes or a collection of dolls. When it comes to a guest room, less clutter translates to more space and comfort. Keep only important items in the room, such as a calendar and clock.

Good lighting

Imagine walking into an attractive hotel room only to find poor lighting. It’s a complete turn-off. For your guest room, place a light control close to the bed, to avoid causing your guest the inconvenience of walking around in the darkness, merely to switch on the lights. Moreover, provide excellent reading light over the bed or close to a chair. Another light fixture next to the desk will be helpful.


Settle on window curtains that not only accentuate the room but also provide privacy and light control. For simplicity purposes, a beautiful blind would be great.


If you’re an avid reader, why not share your books with your guest? Travel books, classic novels, or the local dailies are excellent reading materials for your guest.


Your guest will surely appreciate a TV set in the guest room. Place the remote control on the bed, so they don’t have to walk to the TV to turn it on or off. Also, ensure that you provide Wifi or Internet connection for your guests as they often rely heavily on it to communicate with others away from them.

Even though the list of things mentioned above may seem quite long, they are very simple and easy to provide. Just imagine what you would love to find in a nice hotel room, and incorporate those ideas into creating a beautiful guest room.