Types of Chairs and their Uses

types of chair

There is a chair to suit almost every need. You have the office chair, the conference chair, the quintessential arm chair, the comfortable garden chair and many more to choose from. Knowing some of the prominent types helps to make the right choices when you rent furniture for your residence or office. We look at some of the more important types here.

The ergonomic chair

These chairs are meant for those with persistent back problems and highly suitable for those with prolonged desk jobs. If you are seeking furniture options that are back friendly, the ergonomic chair is just right for you. These are ideal for those suffering from spine problems and back pain. They provide maximum back support. They are equipped with adjustable heights, headrests, armrests and so on. Ergonomic chairs can be great choices if you wish to add a few extra seats to your office, your home based workplace or the conference room.

Club chairs

When you rent furniture, if you need chairs for pure relaxation purpose, club chairs can be your best bet. These are finely upholstered and cushy, with arms and low back support. Some of the pricier variants can also be upholstered in leather. The origin of these chairs dates back to the 19th century Gentleman’s club of England. The ancient variants have been updated several times over. For instance, you now have club chairs in fabric upholstery too.

Klismos chairs

Klismos chairs were first used in Greece. Adorned with graceful curves, these chairs have immense popularity through the history of ancient and modern day furniture. These fancy and quite intriguing chairs are put to use in today’s modern day exteriors and interiors. They are now created in a variety of materials including leather, metal and wood.

Wingback chairs

Developed in the 17th century in England, wingback chairs were meant to enclose the head and the torso. It would provide complete support to the areas of the body for providing complete protection and also for trapping the heat. These chairs were typically placed before a fireplace. Today, the Wingback chair has become a popular aesthetic choice for your interiors. They are used prominently for antic décor. Wood makes are more popular. They are more likely to remain static in a position and are less mobile.

Slipper chairs

Slipper chairs are armless and upholstered. They have short legs making it appear closer to the ground. The low height is a distinguished feature and this makes it a comfortable option for many. Originally, slipper chairs were a standard fixture in ladies bedrooms for helping them in getting dressed. However, today, they find place in any room and is often used as an extra seating arrangement in guest rooms.

Apart from these, you also have the typical occasional chair which is used on special occasions and can be of intriguing and interesting. You also have interesting variants like the chaise longue which allows you stretch your legs without heading to a bed. If you are opting for customized furniture from your rentals, you can choose from one of the more unique and special variants.