Types of Beds and which Type You Need


The picture of your favorite bed is always associated with images of relaxed sleep and relaxation! However, the quality of sleep often depends on the nature of bed you purchase. Besides, custom made furniture variants of today have also clubbed other utilitarian features along with the basic ones associated with beds. So, we have storage beds, beds with attached side tables, the ones with display panels and so on. Before opting for a furniture rental, it is extremely important to be sure of the type of bed you need. Here’s a lot at some of the most important variants to choose from.

The utilitarian divan bed

Divans for king sized beds comprise of two parts which are attached together with the help of a bracket. The base sits on four legs right on the floor directly. The average height of the base is about whilst a storage divan can be deeper and is equipped with a flap type lifting cover for storage. A storage divan helps in storing and organizing your bedroom stuff. They are extremely functional and practical and are favored also for their high comfort level and sturdiness. You can choose from a wide range of designs and styles when it comes to divans. Different types of storage options include sliders, link storage, zip, and so on. So, if you are looking for a smart storage cum bed to rent, that would save space, a storage divan is your best bet.

The ottoman storage bed

Available mostly in wooden and leather frames, the ottoman is the ideal bed that can facilitate smart storage. In an ottoman, the bed rests directly on the floor. The whole space below the base can be used for storage purpose. The base can be lifted easily using a hydraulic system. Since you get a wide storage space, you can store bed linen, pillows, clothing and so on. The ottoman is simple, stylish and easy to use. Since it offers much more storage as compared to a divan, it is ideal for smaller rooms that require more storage space. You could even consider scrapping the drawers and use the ottoman instead.

The classic and contemporary bedsteads

These do not have solid bases. They rest on slatted frames which are made of either wood or metal and comprise of a base, headboard and legs. They are used for decoration with different finishes, styles, colors and so on. You have the almost luxurious ones with four poster settings and bedsteads for the more traditional appeal. You can also opt for upholstered bedsteads which are covered with fabric or leather and have become extremely popular for their aesthetic appeal. So, if you are not looking for a storage option in your bed, bedsteads are ideal for you.

The bold sleigh beds

Sleigh beds are bold and evergreen. They are delightful with sleek curves and a very smart and slender look. What makes a sleigh bed stand apart is the fact that it looks different from the standard variants and hence introduces a bold style statement in your bedroom. You can choose a sleigh bed made of either wood or metal for your furniture rental.

There are many more variants available to choose from including sofa beds and guest beds and so on. The choice must depend on your requirements and the overall décor of your home.