Tricks to Making Your Home Look Larger Than It Really Is

You have tried buying small pieces of furniture. You have moved your favourite fat, cosy couch outside your apartment but your place still feels stuffy and congested. Do not worry, we have picked out the best ideas on the internet to give you a few ideas on how to make your home look larger. Have a look.


How do you know what will look good in your house? The best way to do so is to stand in your living room and visualize it yourself. Would a round coffee table like the Round Bone Coffee Table give a roomier look or do you need to go for a rectangular one like the Saiya Coffee Table that is easier to place? Take your time noticing every nook and corner in your house before you start thinking about designing its interior because it is going to be hard readjusting everything once you have set it all up. Remember, patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to designing your interior.

Chuck out the trash

It is time you stop hogging on to your old furniture. Big and bulky furniture from yesteryears can bring on a look that is aesthetically displeasing while taking up unnecessary space in your home. Chuck these old downers out and move in with the new. Consider furniture leasing at WTP Singapore and explore the options we have for you when it comes to replacing your old and bulky furniture. Matching some of your old furniture when buying or renting new furniture is also a very smart and economical decision you can make. A slight change in the furniture pieces you have in your home can make your house look bigger than it really is.

Go French

Singaporeans can take a leaf out of the French interior design books when it comes to conserving space. Your mind can actually be tricked into thinking a smaller space is bigger if you get your tricks right. Apart from getting custom made furniture to suit the architecture of your room, using connecting doors within rooms with transparent glass panelling can also give your house a roomier look. Similarly, using French style windows and even glass panelled roofs give off the look of a roomy interior. Connecting rooms just opens up more of your house to the eye and without needless walls coming in the way. You actually conserve more space while giving off a classier look at the same time.

Divide and Rule

Using dividers instead of the traditional walls has been a revelation. Instead of the usual drab slab of concrete, why not use a sleeker metal divider or a wooden styled one? Like our Bonky Room Divider There are so many ideas you can have for dividers and they will hardly take up a quarter of the space the old wall used to be at.

Here are a few ideas you can use to open up a little space around your small apartment and bring more breathing space to you and your family. Get more advice from our professionals at WTP Singapore and find out how you can maximise the space you have in your house to make it look larger than it really is.