Trendy Ways To Display Your Photos


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Personal touches are what transform a house into a home. That said nothing does that quite as good as family portraits and artworks. Whether they capture loved ones or travels, snapshots are the best reminders of the special moments in life. Moreover, they are also appropriate for decorating your walls and creating a cosy and inviting ambience. It’s an ideal way to refresh your interior décor.

However, looking for ways to add a portrait into your interior design may sometimes prove difficult. You have to factor in a lot of things like colour shades, other artwork, the overall ambience as well as the photos themselves.

Nevertheless, homeowners can display their favourite photos through more than a few stylish and cool ways. From do-it-yourself alternatives to special purchases that incorporate personality to your snapshots, the possibilities are infinite.

Console Tables
Previously, console tables were exclusively decorative furniture pieces in lavish homes, but today they are employed to house everything from books and lamps to artwork and ceramics. This piece of custom furniture in singapore is mainly found in entryways to welcome visitors. More importantly, you can also add a console table as part of your living room to act as both additional storage plus a chic surface for showcasing your favourite snapshots. Rather than buying a new one, furniture leasing in singapore allows you to enjoy the use of a console table for the duration you’ll be in Singapore. You can rent furniture for a minimum of a month.

A Gallery Wall
Displaying your photos in a gallery-style wall affords your home the look of an art gallery. It could act as the focal point in your living room or hallway. Set up wall mounted rails or small shelves on a dedicated section of your wall where you can showcase your album of colourful and black-and-white snapshots with elegance. A gallery-style wall is appropriate for those who have plenty of framed portraits and like to change them every so often.

Suspended Frames
Conventional picture frames were mainly fixed on walls. Nowadays, in an effort to bring new ways of doing things, you can opt to suspend your framed pictures instead. By using hooks and chains, you can suspend your framed snapshots at varying heights for a more classy effect.

Mismatched Frames
Another common interior decorating design popular at the moment is a wall made up of mismatched picture frames. If you have a large empty wall or hallway, consider this style of interior décor. Just pick different designs of frames and place your portraits on the wall while aligning them either horizontally or vertically.

Alternatively, you may also begin from a central frame and add others around it as you work your way out. You can rest assured of a chic effect, especially with the use of black and white pictures.

A World Map for Avid Travelers
For frequent travellers, it is the norm to take photos of all the places they’ve visited. Place a sticker of the world map on your living room wall and then link the places you have visited to the snapshots you captured there. Not only do these photos serve as wonderful reminder of previous vacations, they also break the ice and kick-start conversations.

Display Them in the Nooks and Crannies of Book Shelves
Of course, picture frames are often the most popular way to display photos. However, they can eat up a lot of space on console tables, gallery walls, and may be quite costly. Furthermore, it may be difficult finding the ideal frame for your favourite portrait. With pictures frames out of the picture, you can consider displaying your photos in the nooks and crannies of your shelves.