Top Sofa Colours To Choose For Creating A Luxurious Ambience

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Sofas are something that takes most of your living room’s space so naturally, you need to consider buying something that goes with your overall vibe. If you are someone who loves taking risks, then we are sure that you are all in for experiments.

However, sometimes these experiments turn out to be a disaster and instead off giving a classy, royal feel, it ends up looking cheap and mismatched. Instead of picking something out from the display, explore your options with the catalogue or go for custom made furniture. Your sofas do not have to be plain, you can mix and match the print or go for colour blocks.

Here are some of the best colours that will give your living room a luxurious ambience:

Cream or White

These two colours are placed together because they belong to the same colour family and are quite similar. As seen on our Lydia L-shape Sofa, these two shades add a hint of luxury to your sofas, whether you have your sofas made out of fur or plain cloth. The colours are easy on the eyes and provide warmth and cosiness to the entire space.


Our heart has a special place for all things that sparkle and some shades of gold may just fit the bill. This is a colour that will not work on its own, so you need to pair it with another colour. You can select cream, beige, white, black, royal blue, fuchsia pink or red with this colour to transform your living room into one that exudes royal vibes.

Deep Wine Red

Deep wine red is a great colour to go for that looks absolutely ravishing especially when made out of velvet or leather. It looks traditional, royal and classy. If you are looking to impress your guests with your aesthetic sense, go with deep wine red.


This is probably the most versatile colour and it works in all environments. You can go with the lighter tones of blue like our Coco Sofa or the darker shades like our EYAL sofa that suits a royal theme. Blue also goes with a lot of colours so if you are thinking of only changing your sofa and not the whole living room, blue is an excellent option for you.


Black is a stylish, modern and chic colour for your sofas, especially when paired with golden hues. You can use this colour in any material and it will look amazing. When black is under consideration, we believe there is nothing to worry about.


Grey sofas like our Sarah Sofa look subtle yet luxurious. Over the last few years, the slate grey has become quite popular because it compliments bright walls or accessories. If you are afraid to try bold colours like red, this can be your go-to choice.

Selecting colours for you sofas can be tricky and sometimes you are afraid to try out something new. In such instances, you can always choose furniture leasing in WTP Singapore and try out the furniture for a few months before purchasing them. The consultants here will also provide you with advice on what sofas can fit your interior design best to create a luxurious ambience for your home.