Top 6 furniture ideas for small bedrooms

Smaller apartments all over the world are becoming a reality. One can adopt minimalism for the rest of the home, but a bedroom is a place where comfort cannot be compromised. If you are moving into a small apartment, getting furniture from a furniture rental company is a good idea. Paint your cupboards in earthy tones and integrate the dressing space and the closet. Here are some furniture ideas for small bedrooms.

Opt for taller furniture pieces

This is where custom made furniture helps. Instead of getting a broad and space-consuming bookshelf, you can get one that reaches high up. Utilising vertical space is a brilliant way to cut out clutter and keep the bedroom organised. Another idea for using vertical space is to have floating shelves for magazines and other miscellaneous items.

Have storage under the bed

Wasted space in a small bedroom highly discouraged. You can get a box bed from a custom made furniture company for added storage at the bottom of the bed. If not, you can use wicker baskets, plastic bins, antique dough bowls, or rolling drawers for easy under-the-bed storage. Beds with built-in cabinets are also popular nowadays. You can even try placing storage ottomans at the foot of the bed.

Hang organisers on doors

You may not realise, but valuable space on the doors and walls can easily go waste. Mount sleek shelves or pockets wherever you find space, to store DVDs, stationery, make-up items and so on. You can get sleek armoires and over-the-door baskets designed according to your requirement.

Have a tranquil colour palette

Creating illusions of space is extremely important in a small bedroom. One way to do it is by selecting beds and cupboards that are finished in warm, lighter colours. Neutrals like whites, earth tones and creams are always good choices for furniture. For wooden furniture, opt for varieties like birch, almond or cherry cabinets, and beds.

Bring in small bedside desks

Invest in furniture serving multiple purposes. Have a small desk at the side of the bed. It can serve both as a large nightstand and as a desk when paired with a small chair. To add visual interest, opt for small-scale, pre-owned desks at a flea market. However, an even better idea is to get it made from a custom-made furniture company and add a couple of drawers to it.

Where to place the bed

Creating a focal point in any space is important, and even more so in a small bedroom. Place the bed in the centre of a wall facing anyone standing in the doorway. This will facilitate accessing the bed from either side. If you still have enough space at the sides, you can even have nightstands there.

It is well-known that mirrors can add depth to a room. In small bedrooms, the key is to mount them wherever possible. Mirror units with shelves and armoires with mirrors on the door provide storage as well. Clever lighting can also help achieve the illusion of warmth and space. Floor lamps with glass tables can serve as nightstands.