Tips To Upgrade Your Living Space For Spring


Spring is a great time of year, even for us here in Singapore. The flowers are bright and colourful, the weather is cool, and the birds are chirping. It is the perfect time to upgrade your living space. You could change a few decorations or revamp your room, it is completely up to you! To help you, we have prepared some tips for you to consider.

Paint the walls

Spring is usually associated with life and happiness. To brighten up your living space, you can add a fresh layer of paint to the walls. You will want to choose a shade that matches the room’s colour scheme but yellows, blues and purples are always nice options. Try to choose something that is crisp and clean, it will soak in the light and brighten up your room!

Add flowers

People who are not allergic to pollen can enjoy placing a few vases with your favourite flowers around the house to help freshen up the air in your living space. However, if you do need to contend with allergic reactions, there are lots of beautiful false flowers in the market as well. For anyone who is not keen on flowers, stylish bowls placed strategically on the coffee tables filled with fruits are good replacements.

Install a window seat

The latest trend is all about having natural lighting and big windows in the house. To prepare for some lovely days full of sunlight and cool breezes, you can install a window seat. It will allow you to enjoy a good book with a warm cup of tea while soaking in the perks of spring.

Get rid of the clutter

To enjoy the upgrades you make to your living space, it might be nice to get rid of any clutter. Look around you if you see cupboards full of unwanted papers, stacks of paper and a few pieces of unwanted furniture. You may want to sort them out and throw out anything that you cannot, or will not, use. You do not have to get your hands dirty in a full out ‘spring cleaning’ fiasco, but getting rid of the clutter will help you to enjoy every small upgrade that you make! It will also make it easier to add a few pieces of customised furniture into the room.

Update the fabrics, add textures and patterns

It is not always easy to change furniture, paint walls and pull up the rugs. Sometimes, all of those big jobs are not even needed. To upgrade your living space, try replacing your old sheets and replace it with something clean and bright. It can have a bit of texture, like a chunky blanket or a lovely pattern, with perhaps a touch of embroidery on the front cover!

These are just a few ways through which you can get ready for spring! Remember, upgrading your living space does not mean a full renovation. It is the small things that count.