Tips To Maintain Your Leather Furniture


Cleaning furniture made from leather material can be a tedious job, but the beauty of such furniture is that it enhances the longevity of your furniture. Owning leather furniture can improve the overall appearance of your room as long as you keep it clean. The lovely colours that come with leather may make the furniture look suave and soft, and this augments its value in comparison to other types of furniture. You can also get customized furniture that will blend well with the interior of your home or office. Here are some tips on how to clean your leather furniture.

Daily Maintenance
It is paramount to dust your leather furniture on a regular basis. To do so, it is advisable to use a dry piece of soft cotton cloth to wipe away any crumbs that stick in the creases or crevasses of your furniture. Your furniture may become a breeding place for ants and mites if you do not undertake this routine exercise. This exercise might be time-consuming, but the dire consequences of not doing so makes the task as worthwhile as it is daunting. However, you should definitely not use any abrasive garment or brush as it may leave several scratches on the leather chair or couch.

Removing Simple Stains From Leather Furniture
One thing you need to note is that you should avoid using soap or other detergents when cleaning your leather furniture. It is advisable to only use distilled water whenever you want to remove simple stains from your leather furniture. You should not pour the distilled water directly on the stain but instead, pour a little amount on the cloth and use it to blot the stain until the material becomes dry. You should repeat this process several times before you successfully remove the stain.

In case some of the water spills on your leather couch or chair, remove it immediately to avoid it setting in. You need to be extremely careful especially when you rent furniture as damaging them may incur additional costs. Some people make the mistake of wetting the cloth with tap water and rubbing the leather furniture in a circular manner, which may end up making the stain worse.

How to Remove Tough Stains
It is common for leather couches to get greasy stains and this can make the cleaning process problematic. The best approach is to use a neutral soap in cleaning such stubborn stains. Make a diluted neutral soap solution and use it to dampen a soft piece of cloth to blot the stain. You will discover that the stain will begin to disappear at a slow pace as you wipe it. Be careful not to use any harsh detergents, oil, turpentine, varnish or polish on your leather furniture as these products may leave behind discoloured patches on your furniture.

General Tips for Cleaning Your Leather Furniture
First, do not use any care products that are not meant for leather cleaning. You can also enhance the lifespan of your leather furniture by using a homemade leather condition after six to twelve months. Your leather furniture should come with an instruction manual that provides information on the leather cleaning procedure as well. Effort should definitely be given to the care and protection of your leather goods to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs for the replacement of your furniture.