Tips to Help You Move to Your New Home Smoothly


Moving to a new home is extremely exciting. It could be that you have just completed constructing your palatial home in one of Singapore’s leafy suburbs or you just bought your dream apartment. You could also be moving to your new home because your old one is too small for your growing family.

Whatever the reason, the move will give you great happiness, but it is not without its fair share of disappointments. The thought of packing up your entire old house into cartons is not exciting at all. There is also the likelihood of the breakages of your most valued items such as wall hangings, beautiful family photos or even electronics.

If you are not careful when moving your items, you could end up spending lots of money replacing your broken pieces. You can enjoy an effortless move to your new home without going insane. The move can be as thrilling as the thought of enjoying the ambience of your new home. Use the following tips and enjoy a peace of mind:

Know what’s important

You do not have to carry everything in your old home to your new one. Go through all your items and know what matters. All your empty cans that have gathered dust in your kitchen cabinets can be left behind when moving. They have been there for ages and you’ve not touched them for the last one year! Do you think you still need them? It is a good time to sort out all the clutter that are occupying space in your home and dispose them away. That way, you will not need to carry on your old habits of cluttering to your new house.

Get storage containers

For a successful move, you will need to pack your things in containers. Cartons make excellent packaging material. You can buy them from your local shop or shopping malls in Singapore. Get enough to package all your items without much struggle.

Label your cartons

Once you package your items, seal and label them. Labelling will make it easier for you to unpack and arrange your home effortlessly. For all the fragile items, for instance, store them in a strong carton and indicate ‘fragile’. That way, the handlers will be careful when loading and offloading. The same should apply to your clothing, bedding, and all the electronics.

Get acquainted with your new home

Before moving to your new home, take the time to get acquainted with it. That way there will be no surprises when you move in. A tour of the home will give you an idea of what you will need to purchase. You could need more curtains, light bulbs, extra locks for additional doors or even the need for more furniture. Do not rush to buy unnecessary items until you have established the style and theme for your home. If you cannot decide what kind of theme to go for, consider going for furniture rental. You can set up your house with the rented furniture and consider how it suits your taste in the long run. After a few months, you have the option to switch it up with a new set of furniture or simply buy the current one you have if it is to your liking! With the option of furniture leasing, you will not need to purchase anything in a hurry in an attempt to fill up your empty house.

Understand the neighbourhood

Do not just make assumptions. Take time to understand your new neighbourhood before moving in. Are there shopping malls and other social amenities within the neighbourhood? Are there any restrictions that affect you? Once you answer these fundamental questions, you will not experience any rude shocks once you move in.

Check for any blockades and repairs

It would be very draining to move into your new home, only to realize after such a long day of packing and unpacking that you cannot take a bath. You can avoid such a mess by talking to a plumber to check your sewer system. They can conduct any repairs required to save you such disappointments. You can even go further and request for a quality assessment of the home from a professional. That way, you will enjoy your peace of mind.

Finally, take it easy. It is not such a complicated activity unless you choose to make it so. All you need to do is to plan carefully and do not do it in a hurry. If you are employed, you can choose to move over the weekend when you have adequate time to unpack and catch some rest before you go back to work. Alternatively, you can take some days off from work and move without too much pressure. Use these tips and enjoy a hassle-free move to your new home. Do not forget to throw a housewarming party to get to know your neighbours!