Tips To Add A Rustic Feel To Your Living Room


Singapore is an urban jungle decked in beautiful greenery. Unfortunately, we are not a country to have the luxury of renting a cottage on the countryside. That is why adding a rustic feel to the living room is a great idea for people who prefer a laid back concept for their home. To help you, we have made a list of interesting, and innovative ways of bringing the country into your home. Keep reading for more!

Freshly baked cookies

When you close your eyes and imagine the country side you may see fresh jam, warm gooey cookies, succulent pieces of bread and warm tea. To add a rustic feel to your living room, try keeping a jar of freshly baked cookies on your table. They don’t need to be homemade; it is their presence and smell that counts!

More stone, less wood

Stone walls, brick fireplaces, marble floors and wooden beams practically scream countryside don’t they? Try to incorporate as many of these features as possible into your living to give it a complete rustic feel! While a fireplace is unnecessary in Singapore, you can model your mantel pieces after a fireplace for a different vibe. The idea is to have plenty of texture and limit the number of bland walls as much as possible.

Lots of sunlight and fresh air

Try to make your living room as airy as possible. Light curtains that flow with the breeze and open windows will give the room a rustic feel without breaking the bank! If light is an issue then strategically place some lamps with warm light bulbs around the room.

Homey décor

The décor you choose needs to create a feeling of comfort, reminding you of nature wherever possible. Place some lovely seasonal plants on your little Oakwood coffee tables or lay out lace table mats for your meals. You can get plenty of ideas for rustic decorations on websites like Pinterest as well.

Low, comfortable furniture

To add a rustic feel to your living room, you can find a furniture rental shop that sells low, comfortable furniture. Customized furniture like cloth sofas, leather chairs with an oak wood structure and low lying tables are a great way of ‘setting the scene’ in your home.

Fluffy Rugs

Fluffy rugs are the very essence of comfort. If you have a cat, then they’ll love this addition too!

A small bookshelf

To complete the look, place a small wall mounted book shelf in the corner of your living room. It should have an assortment of books on it, ready to be read at any time; day or night!

These are just a few of the ways to add a rustic feel to your living room. The idea is to create a cosy, warm environment that mimics the countryside.