Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Tiny HBD Balcony

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Being a tropical country, Singapore is synonymous with heat, humidity and monsoon rain. But, as bad as that may sound, it’s also true that Singapore doesn’t experience winter, which means sunshine all year round.

So, if you happen to have a balcony all to your own, you might as well maximise it.

Below are a few tips that you can use to help you make the most out of every inch of your balcony:

1.    Less is More

A few properly placed plants and accessories can go a long way in making your tiny balcony look fabulous all year round. If necessary, get custom made furniture, so you can have one that’s just the right fit for your balcony.

2.    Enjoy the Sun

Because you can never get out of the sun in Singapore, why not make the most out of it by using your balcony as a way to get some vitamin D? All you’ll need is a comfy chair, a small side table, and an umbrella in case things get too hot, and voila, you’ve already got a good contender for your favourite spot in your house.

3.    It’s Grilling Time!

The best thing about having summer all year round is that you can always have barbeques whenever you want, especially if you have friends around. As small as you think that balcony of yours is, with the right amount of planning, you can spice it up and turn it into a mini terrace, complete with its own grill, a couple of plants, comfy seats and perhaps even a table.

4.    Your Own Work Space

Judging by how small your balcony is, the rest of your apartment or condo unit probably isn’t teeming with space either, leaving you with very little space to work with.

So, why not turn your balcony into your own outdoor workspace? You can go and look places that rent furniture in Singapore and get a balcony table. Set it up, get a comfortable chair and you’re good to go. Plus, it’s always great to get some vitamin D and some fresh air while you’re working.

5.    Do Some Gardening

Just in case you didn’t know, gardening is a great way to burn off some calories and blow of some steam after a stressful day or week at work. Of course, it’s not easy to do if you don’t have a plot of land to work with, but with a little ingenuity and research, you can create your own garden on your balcony.

Not only is the act of gardening itself therapeutic, but you can also grow your own herb garden so you’ve got your very own “from ground to table” thing going on around in your house.

By applying these tips, your balcony will soon become your favourite space at home!