Tips on making a floor plan for furniture layout

If you’re wondering how the interior design of your living room can be given a new look, you might want to play a bit with the floor layout. Do it by keeping in mind about your furniture. No matter how appealing it sounds, making a floor plan for furniture can be a daunting task. You could also invest in new custom made furniture suited to your plan. Whatever you do, remember that the floor plan should be proportioned well. Read a few important tips on the same.

Measure up the room and draw it

You can tape the room out to determine the length and breadth of the room. Make a note of any installations or immovable built-in pieces. You can use a pencil and a ruler to add the boundaries in the room to the graph paper. One box can signify a certain length that you wish.

The moment you have four walls, draw out the doors and windows. But be sure to accommodate the space lost when they are opened. Do make photo copies of your floor plans, so that you can try different plans.

Questions to ask regarding the formulation of the floor plan

Once you have the complete floor plan with you, there are a few things to consider.

1. Balance lines of the room

This is very simple. Get your floor plan and draw a pair of lines cutting each wall to make two halves. These lines are known as the balance lines of the room and they divide it into four quadrants. Balanced rooms have equal visual weight in terms of furniture on both sides of the room. Getting custom made furniture can help maintain visual weight.

2. The traffic patterns of the room

You should let your furniture rental company know about your furniture requirements in advance. When keeping traffic patterns in mind, you want to be sure there isn’t any blockage of people moving across the room. For this, reserve 36 inches of space in front of every door opening. It can be 12-15 inches in front of windows.

3. Where would the focus be?

You can determine the focus of the room easily. Usually, the focus is the object or the area which attracts the most attention when one enters the room. Fireplaces are natural focal points. If your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, try creating one by getting a media centre of a sofa set for your living room.

4. Where would the axis be?

The walls are as important as the focus of the room. For instance, if the fireplace is the focus of the room, draw a line from the ceiling to the floor through the centre of the fireplace. It is better to take the axis line to the wall that is opposite the focus. This helps create better visual weight.

Start the arrangement

You can draw paper models of the furniture, or even look for a version online that you can get printed. While drawing your own version, use the same scale as earlier. Before you contact your furniture rental company, use painters’ tape to determine the arrangement on the floor. Do not be afraid and start to mix and match your furniture for a simple look!