Tips For Renting Furniture For Home Staging


Home staging is a process that people often engage in when they’re trying to sell their house. It can help you sell your house quicker, and for a better price if done the right way as it helps in making your house more appealing and home-like for potential buyers. Here are some tips for home staging and how furniture rentals can help you out with that.

Rental Furniture delivery

Rental furniture in Singapore is not hard to find. However, finding the right furniture that will be delivered on time is also very important. It is a good idea to rent the furniture on a monthly basis until your property gets sold, so your house is pre staged in case any buyers or potential buyers drop by for a quick visit. The delivery details and delivery charges should be discussed beforehand to avoid any confusion.

Neutral tones

When choosing furniture, it is a good idea to go for neutral tones, rather than dark or bold and bright colours. There are several reasons for this. For one, neutral colours are a safe choice as it makes potential buyers feel welcomed and can help them better visualize the utilization of the property space. Since you do not know the likes or personality of your potential buyer, it is a good idea to pick a more neutral piece of furniture. Moreover, a lighter and neutral tones can make the room look more spacious, and you can always add colourful accents using colourful cushions, paintings or rugs.


Instead of choosing the furniture that you like or that looks nice, opt for furniture that is suitable for the environment, and will help in complimenting the house. It is not important to make more furniture fit in. Rather, it is better to go with a less is more approach and try to find the best furniture that goes well with the interior, such as the flooring, the walls and other design elements.


Make sure you keep a budget for rental furniture in Singapore so that your selection will go more smoothly. Identify what are the basic furniture you need and allocate a budget to each of them. You can even get help from the furniture rental company to come up with a suggested plan and set of furniture for you.

Make your home staging successful with the help of WTP with expert advice from their interior designers, and put together rental furniture that appeals to a large number of people. You can bring all the furniture pieces together, by using some old pieces of decor, or by throwing some colour accents here and there, but be careful not to overdo it. Home staging, if done right, can help speed up the process of selling or renting out your house.