Tips for Furnishing a Beautiful Front Porch

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Living in a tropical country like Singapore, you can expect to get a lot of sunshine and breezy weather in your daily life. For those who own a front porch in their homes, this translates to a perfect place for more time to relax and unwind in the beautiful weather. Some use their front porch simply for storage purposes while others spend a lot of effort in decorating it to their liking. Below, we have a few decorating ideas that can help make your front porch a more welcoming place for guests and passersby alike.

Comfortable Sofas

Sitting on the porch is traditionally a social affair, so it’s best to have two seats there at a minimum, regardless of the size of your porch. You’ll want to put in more, like an outdoor sofa that’s good for three to four people, example our Miami Sofa, if you have a lot of guests frequently. You can even consider getting custom made furniture for your porch if you have a personal preference for your type of seats or table.

A Place to Rest

Living in a tropical country sure does have its advantages. Case in point, there’s no better place to put a hammock than in your front yard. Not only do you get to enjoy some fresh air while resting, it also makes for great décor.

Porch Lights

Before anything else, lights are a definite must. After all, the late afternoons and early evenings are the best time to sit outside. Though if you don’t have porch lights, fairy lights are just as good of an alternative as well.

A Ceiling Fan

This is an absolute must since you’re living in Singapore. Put a ceiling fan up or at least a table fan, to keep the breeze going and make your afternoon more relaxing when the sun gets a little too hot.


As much as you’d love to enjoy the sun, the light can sometimes be too overwhelming to the point that it becomes unpleasant. Instead of vacating your patio or porch, you can install some form of shade to help create a shady spot. A sun umbrella is a good start, though sun shades can be much more attractive provided if you know how to set them up (which isn’t that hard, by the way!).

Dining Area

Dining outside is a cheap and ingenious way to help bring together your family, as well as your guests if you have any over. So, make sure that you have a dining table like our Lamborsire Dining Table on your patio designated as a dining area. This should instantly liven up the place and make it more appealing to dine in. If space is limited, consider using a small round table, or a portable table that can fold down completely so you can keep it in storage when you’re not using it.

If you are unsure if a full outdoor set is a good long-term investment for your home, you can look at furniture leasing as an option for you. So, what are you waiting for? Invite a friend over to your newly renovated front porch and while the hours away over a can of beer and some good old fresh air.