Three Ways To Greenify Your HDB Homes

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With the growing interest in unique interior designs, people are turning their focus to injecting greenery into their HDB homes. They make a small terrace garden in their homes and all kinds of plants for a breath of fresh air and a burst of vibrant greenery. On the inside of homes, people use indoor plants to glorify each room. There are so many indoor plants available in the market that it is hard to only choose one of them. Various plants are used for the different rooms of each home. Ferns are used in bathrooms and cacti are used on plant stands.

Decorate Your Homes With Plants And Botanical Styling
Take advice from the experts about decorating homes with plants and botanical styling. Also, do not stop there. Acquire as much knowledge of them such as possible, such as when to water the plants, various light requirements, and others if any. This knowledge will guide you on what you can and cannot do when using plants or botanicals as decoration. If we want, we can have some green in every room of our home.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Greenify Your New Homes
We all enjoy heading out and exploring the cafes in our surroundings or even some places further away from home. If you have ever been to a jungle theme cafe, you must have seen various wall gardens and customised furniture. We can take a leaf from their book and convert the walls of our flats into an indoor wall covered with leafy plants. Furniture rental services in singapore give us the chance of finding a short-term solution for our furnishing needs, while also providing an environmentally friendly option. Instead of replacing old furniture, you can simply change certain pieces when you feel like it. In today’s times, it’s not impossible to build our own vertical gardens with modular planting systems and hanging planters that demand minimum effort to maintain.

A Grand Looking Living Wall To Leave The Guests In Shock
If one truly desires to have an impressive wall garden, he must give the Florafelt vertical gardens a try. It may look difficult to maintain but in reality, it calls for very little attention and can be managed without too much effort. Using an incredibly modern system created by 100% recycled plastic felt, these adaptable planters can be linked up to build a wall of blossoming botanicals that can be as big or as small as you desire.

Talking about the additional advantages offered by a vertical garden, your green wall will act as a thermal insulator and keep your home cooler, while also giving your home a modern yet comfortable look. If you’re really planning on implanting some greenery on your home wall, this adaptable planter from Bambeco consists of a modular system created from recycled plastic. Your plants will then be easy to care for and manage, all while looking very impressive within your HDB flat.