The Benefits of Leasing Furniture Vs Buying

Furniture Leasing Singapore

Whether you’re moving into a new place or remodeling your home, one of the decisions you’ll eventually have to make is how you’re planning to buy your furniture. While the simple answer is to buy the furniture outright, financial issues sometimes make this impossible to do. More importantly, it’s not always the most practical choice.

If you’re planning on furnishing your space soon, you may want to hold off on spending a lot of your cash first and consider leasing furniture in Singapore instead.

Why You Should Lease Furniture

1.    You Save Money

Buying long-lasting furniture isn’t cheap. It’ll cost you a lot of money, especially if you’re doing a total renovation or moving into an empty apartment. Regardless of your situation, by leasing furniture, you don’t have to spend a lot of your money upfront just to furnish your space. As a result, you can use your money for other things. For example, if you recently moved from abroad, having a rainy day fund in case of emergencies is extremely important.

2.    Flexible Leasing Terms

Furniture leasing terms are some of the most flexible out there. In fact, you can even opt in for a rental agreement that has a rent to own furniture clause, so you can end up owning the furniture after the contract is up. Though it may take up a period of 12 months, you are able to choose the exact piece that you want on the lease, not to mention own it as well.

3.    Easy to Upgrade

If you’re not happy with the furniture you rented and you want to change it, a leasing agreement makes replacing the furniture easier. This way, you can upgrade for a slightly higher cost, or even for the same monthly payments, albeit you have to pay a bit more money upfront but still way lower than you would have when you bought the furniture.

4.    Zero Maintenance

With furniture rentals, you’re not responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the furniture you’re renting. This means that you don’t have to worry about fixing them in case there’s a problem.

If something happens to the furniture during your rental period, the furniture leasing company is responsible for replacing it, or at least, having it fixed.

For businesses, there are even far more benefits to leasing furniture. For example, businesses can save a lot of money by leasing because of tax benefits, as well as in the form of improved cash flow so that they don’t have to worry about losing capital over buying new furniture.

Leasing has a lot of benefits, whether you’re a homeowner planning to furnish a newly renovated house, or expats who only recently moved abroad, leasing presents itself as an attractive option that doesn’t deserve all the negative criticism it gets.

So, if you’re strapped for cash and do not want to cheap out on your furniture or you simply just don’t want to spend as much money upfront to furnish your new room or apartment, consider leasing furniture instead of buying them outright.