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Tips on Selecting Home Office Furniture

Tips on selecting home office furniture

When you select your home office furniture, you will have to consider factors like the style you would like and even the atmosphere you wish to create in your office. An office will generally be more modern in style and have a strong professional vibe, although the final decision will ultimately be up to you. With the different varieties of furniture available in the market today, it is important to know exactly what will be suitable for you before you purchase any. Here are a few factors you can consider:

Office Location

Is your office a room by itself or is it in a shared space? This factor may greatly influence your choice of furniture as it can determine how much room you have to work with when buying your furniture. If you have an entire room to serve as your office, then you will likely have more room to play around with different options. On the other hand, if you are simply partitioning your living room or bedroom to act as a home office, getting space-saving furniture will be the best way to go. Space saving furniture includes having an office desk that has a longer length but small width and an office chair with less padding but is still comfortable.

Office Equipment

Office equipment entails stationery, office machinery (such as printers), networking devices (router, switches etc.). The size of your office equipment may affect your choice of office furniture. If you are using a laptop in the office, then a simple desk will do. However, if you are using a PC, a table that incorporates the different parts of a computer will be more suitable. This will comprise of an area where the keyboard can be placed as well as a processing unit.  Office desks that are designed to incorporate the different parts of the computer can be either customized or ready-made depending on what you are looking for.

If you have lesser office equipment, you can get a large table that will hold the printer, stationery, PC and other files, thus allowing you to save more space.

Shelves vs. Drawers

This will boil down to the space you have allocated for the office equipment; bookshelves lined with books give the office a professional look while also ensuring that any reference books you may need are not only easily within reach but also safely stored. However, if your office does not have enough room, getting an office desk that has drawers to store files and other reference books might be a better option. You can also consider getting shelves built on the wall if you prefer to have them but lack the space to have an actual bookshelf.

Short or Long Term

This applies to people who do not like working from home but have been forced to do so due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, getting a home office might simply be a temporary option and renting furniture instead of buying them would be a wiser choice. Renting furniture is also advisable when you are simply working on a short-term project that may run for less than 6 months, making it a huge waste of money if you spend large sums of money on furniture you will not need in the future.


The cost of office furniture will depend on a few factors, one of them being the option to buy readymade furniture or customize them. Depending on what kind of office look you are going for, it may be easier to achieve it by customizing the furniture as you can state your exact specifications. This is especially good if you need quality furniture that can hold all the office equipment in place without giving away over time.


This is yet another important factor; office furniture often comes in neutral colors that look more professional. Neutral colors may include different shades of grey, brown and black with maybe a few splashes of white. However, if you prefer to have a more vibrant office, you should certainly opt for furniture that is more colorful.

Tips on Choosing Furniture for Your Office

An average professional spends eight hours a day, five days a week in the office. Depending on the nature of your business, your employees may spend even more time at office. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide them a good office environment. Furniture in the office should be comfortable and functional. You can also opt for customised furniture for your office. If you are looking for cost-effective, short-term solutions, you can rent furniture too. Here are some tips on choosing furniture for your office.

Keep furniture usage in mind

If you use paper a lot, you will need lots of storage and a large working surface. Opt for desks accordingly, and make sure there is ample storage beneath. Ask your customised furniture provider for desk shelving and under table cabinets for file storage.

On the other hand, if most of your work is desktop-based, get a sleek desk and ask the provider to include in-built holes/channels for wiring. If you have a PC, ensure that there is a compartment for the CPU.

In case you require working with both paper and on computer, get a stylish executive-style L-shaped desk.

Respect the layout

You might fancy a desk for its imposing look, but if it looks too large for the area, skip it. It might not look odd in the showroom, but you need to consider the size and shape of your office as well. It could hinder movement, block smooth traffic flow, and even obstruct emergency passages. An option in that case is to get a similar desk made for your office size, from a customised furniture maker.

Go for practicality over aesthetic

Don’t get that clunky cupboard just because of its chic look. Many people buy expensive pieces of desks, chairs and cupboards merely for aesthetic reasons. On the other hand, functional furniture actually solves your storage needs. Before getting attractive looking pieces for your furniture, ask yourself some questions. For instance, in case of a shelf, consider whether it provides enough storage for the space it occupies. Avoid getting desks that restrict body movement.

Think about ergonomics

Even the best furniture pieces, in terms of looks and finishing material, can have poor ergonomics. Avoid getting desks that are too high or too low. Office chairs that have not been designed ergonomically, could pose a risk both to your spine and pelvis. Get a good quality office chair, with adjustable seat height and neck position. In case of task chairs, make sure that the armrests and backrests can be adjusted for multiple users.

Tips on desk furniture

While buying or customizing a desk, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Ensure that the drawers open fully and can close smoothly when full.
  2. When using high quality wood for your drawers, get them assembled using interlocking construction and not glue.
  3. Using laminate for workstations can provide both affordability and durability.
  4. Make sure there are no signs of separation or fraying on the edges.

Lastly, never buy a piece just because it is cheap. Previously used antique pieces belong in the living room and the office space requires functionality. If you are cash-strapped or are self-employed and need to buy value-for-money furniture, you can rent furniture.




Essential furniture and accessories for your first living room

Essential furniture and accessories for your first living room

The living space means different things to different people. It might be a place of relaxation for certain individuals, and a family get-together zone for some others. Your first living room should suffice for every need, be it entertainment or unwinding.

The right furniture and accessories can complete your living room. Customised furniture helps blend functionality with personal style. Read on to know some furniture ideas, essentials and accessories for your first living room.

Love seats

Sofas may not be a practical option for the first time living room owners. There might not be too many visitors and their budget might not allow them. You can get small couches and ottomans. Loveseats are an even better option. If you want a proper seat, rent furniture for the living room especially for special occasions at home. Loveseats make for excellent sitting in parties as well.


A cosy throw blanket is an absolute necessity in any living room. People owning a house for the first time find themselves spending most of their time in the living room. With a comfortable throw on the couch, you can enjoy movies and books at any time of the day.

Coffee table/accent table

A coffee table acts as a focus for the seating area, especially if the living room is small. If you find coffee tables expensive, you can go for an accent table. They serve to hold magazines, lamps and drinks and are a neat addition to the living room.

Accent pillows

In the living room, accent pillows are indispensable for your loveseats. They provide the required cosiness and add a dash of colour to space. Get a few in vibrant shades, for instance, bold orange or blue. Opt for geometric patterns and scatter them around your seating.

Entertainment center

Buying a bulky and expensive entertainment centre is not necessary. When you rent furniture, you pay less and replace it. The same goes for an entertainment centre, which is the heart of any living room. You can watch movies, play games or music, even display books using the media centre.


Rugs provide warmth to an otherwise cold and monotonous living room. They are all the more necessary in rooms with floors made of hardwood and marble as it helps to eliminate floor noise. If you have an open floor plan for your living room, area rugs can help mark different spaces out.


Customised furniture can solve both storage and style needs in a living room. Get a classic sideboard designed by a custom furniture company. You can hide away knickknacks and other bits and pieces inside it. Put the sideboard against a wall with feature wallpaper. Vintage sideboards are popular these days. Ask your customised furniture provider to include wide drawers and cupboards for cutlery and crockery.


These serve as bold points of visual interest in a living room. They also provide an additional layer of light. Overhead lighting can be harsh, and this is why lamps are necessary. Lamps provide soft and warm lighting. Vintage lamps and special pieces, like horse head lamps, can make the space interesting.

Top 7 money saving tips for renters

Living in urban spaces is getting more difficult with each passing day. Singapore has the 3rd highest population density in the world and the cost of living is on the higher side. An average Singaporean spends 45% of their monthly earnings on rent. With utilities and bills only getting higher, money management is more important than ever.

While some advocate splitting bills among roommates sharing a flat, others recommend working overtime for renters. Here are some practical money saving tips if you are a renter.


Do not get service apartments

The disadvantages of service apartments or small apartments in Singapore outweigh the benefits. The service quality of most service apartments are often not up to par. You may have to face many problems, such as, lack of hygiene, poor response time, and not getting immediate help from reception at odd hours. Above all, renting service apartments would cost you more in long run.


Cut on commuting costs

Transport is a major expense and hence calls for better management for those living on rent. If the nature of your work allows, ask to be allowed to work from home for at least 2 days a week. If not, you can always use public transport or invest in alternative methods such as carpool. This not only helps save on fares, but on gasoline.


Spend in a 50:30:20 ratio

This rule helps you allocate money for different expenses. Start well before your lease starts in order to save more money. Allot 50% of your earnings to rent, phone bills, car insurance, loans and so on. 30% should go towards the rest of your expenses and the rest should be savings. Do make sure your rent is only 30% of your monthly income.


Rent furniture instead of buying it

If you plan on living on rent for a fair amount of time, this is especially important. When you rent furniture, you give yourself more options and do not have to splurge on bulky pieces. Customised furniture is another option. You can borrow items like suitcases, appliances that your friends no longer use. You will be surprised at how good an idea of renting a furniture is.


Get multitasking items

For instance, buy a multifunction printer. As a renter, your apartment might be on the smaller side. Customised furniture lets you pack functionality with design. For the kitchen, buy appliances like blenders and multifunction cookers.


Cut on your energy use

Saving on energy is not only cost-effective, but it is also environment-friendly. It is a good practice that you can teach yourself for life. Install energy-efficient lighting, use shades for lighting in the day, buy appliances that save on energy. Buying programmable thermostats is a great option. If your agreement allows, you can even switch your energy supplier.


Ensure you get your deposit back

Before the contract ends and you need your deposit back, read the agreement carefully. Make sure the requirements are met. Patch up any minor damages and fix any broken furnishings. Ask a friend or relative to come over and check any leftovers. You should also take pictures verifying you have left the place in order.

How to make your furniture look more lavish

It is not necessary to splurge your décor budget on a chair that you have been eyeing for long. Owning classy, expensive-looking furniture can be done without buying it. Pieces that doesn’t look expensive can be refurbished to look lavish. DIY projects include using spray paint in silver or gold or repurposing them. People who want to save money and have expensive pieces often rent furniture as well. Here are some ideas on how to make your furniture look more lavish.


Refinish with contact paper

This method is quite popular in DIY furniture refurbishing. Simply cut neat shapes from the contact paper sheet. Clean the surface and sand down any bumps. Using a precision hobby knife, remove uneven edges and stick it firmly to the surface of a bureau or a cabinet door. However, you cannot do it when you rent a furniture.


Experiment with sleek patterns

Colours and patterns decide whether your furniture looks ordinary or expensive. Using sleek patterns, you can convert a low-cost customised furniture piece into a premium edition one. Good ideas are geometric patterns and even angular ones. Straight lines help introduce crispness, while curving lines blend emotion to sharpness.


 Invest in good quality upholstery

Instead of splurging on the frame, it is a good idea to invest in superior quality upholstery. This is actually the exterior of your furniture. Thick textures and moderately glossy surfaces make good choices. It is actually better to go into the details and opt for processes like button tufting and contrast welting.


Use colourful wallpaper to renew old furniture

Covering old tables in the dining area with expensive-looking wallpapers can lend them some sheen. You can even refurbish old chairs using wallpapers in lively colours. This, too, is a DIY project that you can do with permanent glue and a hobby knife. Apply the glue to the top of the table uniformly. Spread the wallpaper over it and let it dry.


 Add elements from vintage styles

Go retro by opting for styles from the yesteryears. Trends suggest that mid-century furniture is still very popular. If you do not want to spend a lot, you can rent furniture with vintage elements as well or otherwise, have a mix-match furniture designs styles to bring about vintage styles. However, it is necessary to have contemporary pieces as well.  Popular examples of retro styles include hairpin legs, side tables in dipped-paint, or transforming baby-changing tables into bar carts.


Go for customised furniture

Getting your furniture customised is a good way to get expensive-looking furniture without spending too much. Look at your favourite designs on the internet for inspiration. You can use inexpensive alternatives for finish and material. Once the piece is delivered, spray paint it in silver or golden for a premium look.


Give flat chairs a makeover

Get a fabric in an abstract print to cover the chair with. Get permanent glue and a hobby knife and remove the chair’s legs. Apply the glue uniformly to the surface of the chair and lay the fabric over it. Wait for it to dry and cut the edges off. Remember that you would need a flat chair. Else, get it from a customised furniture store.

Tips on making a floor plan for furniture layout

If you’re wondering how the interior design of your living room can be given a new look, you might want to play a bit with the floor layout. Do it by keeping in mind about your furniture. No matter how appealing it sounds, making a floor plan for furniture can be a daunting task. You could also invest in new custom made furniture suited to your plan. Whatever you do, remember that the floor plan should be proportioned well. Read a few important tips on the same.

Measure up the room and draw it

You can tape the room out to determine the length and breadth of the room. Make a note of any installations or immovable built-in pieces. You can use a pencil and a ruler to add the boundaries in the room to the graph paper. One box can signify a certain length that you wish.

The moment you have four walls, draw out the doors and windows. But be sure to accommodate the space lost when they are opened. Do make photo copies of your floor plans, so that you can try different plans.

Questions to ask regarding the formulation of the floor plan

Once you have the complete floor plan with you, there are a few things to consider.

1. Balance lines of the room

This is very simple. Get your floor plan and draw a pair of lines cutting each wall to make two halves. These lines are known as the balance lines of the room and they divide it into four quadrants. Balanced rooms have equal visual weight in terms of furniture on both sides of the room. Getting custom made furniture can help maintain visual weight.

2. The traffic patterns of the room

You should let your furniture rental company know about your furniture requirements in advance. When keeping traffic patterns in mind, you want to be sure there isn’t any blockage of people moving across the room. For this, reserve 36 inches of space in front of every door opening. It can be 12-15 inches in front of windows.

3. Where would the focus be?

You can determine the focus of the room easily. Usually, the focus is the object or the area which attracts the most attention when one enters the room. Fireplaces are natural focal points. If your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, try creating one by getting a media centre of a sofa set for your living room.

4. Where would the axis be?

The walls are as important as the focus of the room. For instance, if the fireplace is the focus of the room, draw a line from the ceiling to the floor through the centre of the fireplace. It is better to take the axis line to the wall that is opposite the focus. This helps create better visual weight.

Start the arrangement

You can draw paper models of the furniture, or even look for a version online that you can get printed. While drawing your own version, use the same scale as earlier. Before you contact your furniture rental company, use painters’ tape to determine the arrangement on the floor. Do not be afraid and start to mix and match your furniture for a simple look!