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Fun Ways To Spruce Up Your Little Girl’s Bedroom


Decorating a room for your precious little baby girl or adding to it can be an intimidating task if you’re looking for something that is unique enough to satisfy your little angel. Moreover, it may be daunting if you have to redecorate the majority of the room. However, with some guidance and a few pointers, you may actually find this whole experience enjoyable. While there are a million brilliant ideas that you can use to give your princess the room she deserves, below are the main tips you can try:

The Colour of the Paint

Choose colours that are solid, bold and bright. However, if you’re daughter dislikes bold colours along with the colour pink in general, break away from the stereotype and paint the walls with cool or pastel colours such as Lavender, Sky blue, Sea green etc. This will add a unique and soft touch to the room along with making it seem distinctive and sophisticated.


For your little girl’s room, try and channel her preferences during the course of decorating her room. If your daughter loves princesses, focus on decorating the room based on that information. For the furniture you place in her room, look into getting customised furniture such as princess beds and tables that showcase the perfect princess theme for her room. However, if you’re on a budget and cannot afford to buy such furniture, you can instead rent furniture for a special occasion like her birthday. This will undoubtedly make her day even more wonderful than it already will be.

Decals and wallpapers

To add some fun and distinctive features in her room, consider using decals to stencil her favourite phrases and animals or even her name on the wall. This will not only make her overwhelmingly happy but also create a sense of ownership for her room. If you’re looking for a more design oriented wall, use wallpapers that has the colour schemes your daughter prefers. However, if your furniture and decorations are already patterned, avoid going using printed wallpaper as well as this may make the room look too chaotic.

Add patterns

If you’ve chosen to use solid colours, use different patterns like polka dots or floral designs for the bed sheets and other upholstery. The curtains you choose should also showcase different designs to make the whole room more interesting and vibrant.

Decorations on the wall

Add lights that are cutely shaped and perhaps even glow-in-the-dark stickers to the wall to give the room a playful edge. Paste decals like butterflies, flowers or hearts along the walls, although you should avoid clustering all of them in only one area as might draw too much attention to only one area of the room.

Follow these simple tips to revamp your little one’s room and give her the room of her dreams – one she’ll fall in love with instantly.