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Best Furniture for your Child’s Playroom

Best furniture for your child's playroom

Are you tired of your young ones coveting other kids’ playrooms whenever they are on a play date? Why don’t you try and make their play room more fun? Furniture for your kids’ room should be a fun experience but there are a few factors you may need to consider before making any purchases.

For children that are older than five years, it is important to engage them in the choice of furniture whenever you decide to decorate their room. At this age, they have started to develop their own interests and will likely have certain items that they would like to hang up in their playrooms. For children above the age of 9, a playroom will likely not necessary as they might have outgrown the need to have one.

Before you make up you mind on what furniture you are going to buy, here are some additional factors that you should consider.


Depending on the theme you are going for, the cost of furniture you would like to get will vary. However, as important as it may be for the playroom to look beautifully decorated, you should keep in mind that there will eventually be a time where your children outgrow the need for a playroom. It may then unwise to buy overly elaborate and expensive furniture, especially if they are pieces that your children will not use often. An option may then be to try out furniture rental first before buying them. It is also important to ask for your child’s opinion as they may have specific ideas of what they want. If what they want is not available, you should consider customising furniture to get something that fits their request.


Toys and furniture that are incorporated into the playrooms are always evolving. With this being said, there are different themes you should consider for the playroom before purchasing any furniture. If you are going for a more traditional look, a wooden horse with wooden drawers that will store your children’s toys will definitely be advisable. For a more modern theme, you may prefer to purchase plain furniture and add fun stickers and other add-ons with your children as a great bonding activity. As much as you would like to stick to colors that he/she likes, try to also blend their favorite colors with a different one so as to ensure that the room will look more balanced instead of looking too extreme.


Furniture with long lasting fabrics that are easy to clean will be more suitable for the playroom. This will help the furniture not succumb to wear and tear as easily, especially if you have more than one child. You can also add a small sofa and an equally small coffee table to the playroom to give it a grown-up touch. This way, they will not feel the need to intrude into your space.

Child Safe furniture

Unlike the normal furniture, furniture intended for your kids’ playroom should not have very sharp corners or have a height so far up from the ground. This is simply to ensure good child safety whenever they are in the playroom and help to minimize any accidents.

Tips To Rent Furniture On A Budget


Furniture may be an important component of your home, but getting new furniture can be a hassle, as it requires you to scour endlessly for the perfect one. More so, pieces that you like may be too expensive and hence out of your budget. Such large expenditure may not be best for those that are only renting their homes and plan to move in the future as it is likely that the type and style of furniture you want will change. In such situations, renting furniture can be the ideal option. Here are some tips you can read to learn more about furniture rental.

Research on rental companies

In order for you to choose good quality furniture that is also economical, you will need to research about the rental company you plan to choose. Figure out the whole process, including things like the locations they deliver to etc. This ensures that you have enough background information to figure out which company is the most practical and cost saving for you. Additionally, select companies that are in or near your vicinity, allowing you to cut back on additional shipping and handling costs and hence, increase the chances of you remaining in your budget.

The best way to save money when renting furniture is to check more than one rental company. This will give you a better picture of what each company has to offer and makes it easier for you to compare and choose the one that offers the furniture you want at a reasonable price and good quality.

Deals and offers

Rental companies mostly provide furniture to people who’re trying to get on their feet or the ones who can’t afford new furniture. Hence, these companies often have discounts and deals that they offer to their customers. It is then recommended to inquire the vendors about any packages that might include a discount.

Inquire about inclusion of all costs

When renting furniture, the payment process will likely require certain steps where the first is the initial deposit. The second step is to find out the monthly cost. However, before signing an agreement with the rental company you chose, be sure to know of all expenses that may be included with the process. This is to ensure that there will be no additional costs that will pop up after the final agreement has been signed as this might result in you going over your budget. You can always try to draft a contract if the company doesn’t have such a policy. This will save both the client and the contractor from possible conflict in the future.

Quality and variety

Do make sure that the company you choose to rent furniture for your homes is well established. This increases the possibility that they have a variety of furniture for you to browse through. In addition to this, look for companies that provide the service of getting customised furniture of your choice. All of these will add to the company’s credentials and allow a harmonious relationship to prosper between the client and the company.

So if you’re starting out on your own and wish to decorate and accessorise your new place with cheap yet qualitative furniture, renting will be the best option.

5 Tips to Buy the Perfect Outdoor Furniture


There is nothing as relaxing as enjoying a cup of tea outdoors while having a moment to yourself. However, choosing indoor furniture is not the same as choosing outdoor furniture. For starters, the outdoors will be where you will likely host most of your guests whenever the weather is nice. It may then be important for you to have the appropriate outdoor furniture that fulfils your criteria. If you have a very specific idea of what you want, you should look into the option of customising furniture. Here are the five most important tips you should keep in mind when shopping for your outdoor furniture.

Good Quality

Placing any furniture outdoors will definitely leave them exposed to weather conditions, such as sunlight and rain among others. These weather conditions will make outdoor furniture with poor quality to succumb to wear and tear more easily. They will also make the setting look more dull and unkempt, making unattractive for guests to see. With this in mind, it is essential to select good quality outdoor furniture, as they will end up saving you more money in the long run despite the higher initial price.


This simply means the material you would like your outdoor furniture to be made from. This can be a fun exercise if you are interested in or familiar with customising your own furniture. Depending on what theme you are going for, there are different materials that will be suitable for you when you are picking outdoor furniture.

  • Wood – Outdoor furniture made from wood is really attractive and makes the setting look homey. However, the wood will have to have to be protected from UV light as well as undergo regular treatment. For wooden outdoor furniture, using weather resistant wood like teak or cedar is advisable. However, the biggest disadvantage with outdoor wooden furniture is the heavyweight, which doesn’t make it suitable for moving it from one location to the other.
  • Aluminium, plastic and PVC – Unlike wood, outdoor furniture made from these materials are lightweight. That means you can reposition and rearrange the layout until you get what exactly you want. Furthermore, they are not relatively expensive and are weather resistant, rustproof, do not require any treatment and can be easily washed them with soap and water.
  • Natural Grass, rattan and weaker – Outdoor furniture made from these materials are not as lightweight as aluminium plastic and PVC but are lighter than wood. With a resin finish, the furniture can look fabulous but will, however, need to be weather proofed from time to time.
  • Wrought iron and steel – Not as light weight but are great for outdoor furniture; it, however, needs to be weatherproofed by painting over the furniture from time to time in order to avoid rust.


Any outdoors furniture should provide or be under shade. A good layout will have at least one of the tables in the shade where you can sit on days when the sun is too hot or when it is going to rain. The shade should be of a good length that widely covers your table and guests so that it may not cause more harm than good.

Play with your themes

Choose a theme that will incorporate background fun and games during the day but can easily shift to a romantic night out at night. The themes should blend with the colour palette you will use as well so to avoid them becoming a mess. If you are not so sure about what you are looking for, renting a few pieces will help you to make a perfect choice.


How Your Room’s Colours Affect You


When designing your room, your choice of colour isn’t always about picking your favourite colour. Sometimes, your colour choice is determined by practicality; white and black walls are easily dirtied. Sometimes it is determined by how you want the room to look and feel; light colours can easily make a room look brighter, while dark colours can make a room look more mysterious and charming.

Whatever colours you decide to deploy in your room can affect your design. Keep this in mind as you peruse places that offer furniture rental and sale, as you concoct the visual design of your room. Here we list some possible colours you can deploy in your room, and what effects they’ll have on the overall aesthetic.


The colour of nature, brown induces a natural earthy comfort to your home. This is because brown is the colour we associate with trees and earth. As such, it gives us a sense of security and stability.

Brown is naturally found in rustic wood or woollen textiles. Large pieces of brown furniture can give the aura of refinement and good taste, similar to a polished cabin in the woods.


White, the combination of all the colours, is naturally beautiful as it portrays cleanliness. It’s refreshing lightness helps to make the room look brighter.

White is also good to use to accentuate some parts of the room that you want to draw attention to, especially if the rest of the room are filled with darker colours.

Black, brown and gray goes well with white as it gives a more neutral and therefore classier colour palette.


Signalling elegance, gray comes in various shades and creates different effects depending on how you combine a secondary colour.

It is not recommended that you mix gray with brown, especially light brown, as it will likely clash, giving a more depressed look.

Gray is good in combination with its sister colours white and black.

But be careful when using this colour, though. Too much gray can make your room seem monotonous.


The colour of class and elegance, black is commonly associated with the rich.

Like white, black is great for highlighting certain aspects of the room, especially when paired with lighter colours.

When using black as a colour for your design, remember that black doesn’t go well with many colours; avoid pastel or bright colours in your design.

In general, black is associated with mourning, death or serious occasions. Try not to use too much of it, or else your room may seem too dark for your pleasure.


Associated with chirpiness and optimism, yellow is great for making your room look bright and cheery. In general, use lighter shades of yellow to give warmth to your space and darker shades of yellow to bring attention to items in the room, such as yellow flowers or accessories.

Consider using fewer colours when yellow is used, as it is very hard to pair with other colours.


Red is a stimulating colour reminiscent of passion. When using red, try warmer shades as it can give you an earthy sense, like brown does.

Red is also widely known to increase the appetite, and so is commonly used in kitchens and dining rooms.

How to Choose the Right Furniture Dealer in the Market


The market has several furniture dealers whether you want to buy or rent furniture. However, not all these service providers offer the same level of service delivery. Therefore, it can be quite challenging to get the one who will give you the best deal in the market. You can decide to go for an online retailer or visit a brick and mortar store. Here are some of the features you need to look at while looking for the right furniture dealer in town.

Level of Expertise

The level of expertise is a critical component when you want to buy furniture. You need a product that will not only be strong but also pleasing to the eye. The kind of furniture you buy should add some aesthetic value to your interior. Only talented wood professionals who are experts in the field can assist you to achieve this objective. Confirm the number of years the retailer has been in service. It’s wise to go through the portfolio of the service provider and ensure that you are comfortable with their style.


Currently, consumers have unique furniture needs. Gone are the days when people would buy what the market had to offer. Leading furniture dealers can now tailor-make products depending on the unique needs of their clients. You can get an excellent customized furniture as long as the retailer understand your needs. Make sure you get a retailer who is flexible enough to adapt to your needs.

Reputation in the Market

Don’t expect the retailer to treat you differently from the way he handles other customers. Check with the customer reviews to confirm whether he sticks to his word. You need a supplier who is reliable and trustworthy. He should stick to the design you agree and deliver your product on time. Never go for someone who shifts the goal posts in between the contract. Visit several customer review portals to see what the existing customers have to say.


The kind of warranty that the retailer gives speaks a lot concerning the quality of his products. A supplier who deals in genuine products will be willing to give an extended period of the warrant. The retailer knows that the possibility of the product disappointing the client is minimal. Only go for someone who is giving you a reasonable warranty period. Let the time be long enough to justify the quality of the product.


You have to be careful as you evaluate the cost of furniture. The truth of the matter is that cheap products may be costly in the long run. All you need to ensure is that you get the value for the money. In case you have a budgetary constraint, strive to get the best product within your budget.


Finally, you must ensure that you deal with licensed suppliers. Suppose something occurs and leads to a legal suit. You may stand to lose if you’re dealing with a retailer who does not have the right permit to run the business. Licensed suppliers also comply to avoid de-registration that may result from the violation of the industry norms.

Home Offices: Tips for productivity in small spaces

Home offices: Tips for productivity in small spaces

Working from home can be a chore, especially if you do not have a good space to complete your work. Productivity can only be maximised if you have a workspace that allows you to focus on the tasks that you need to complete.

Furniture purchase and furniture rental can help you accomplish the tasks that you need to get down to completing, by helping you look for ways to improve your productivity with new furniture.

Here are a few tips to help increase productivity in your personal home workspace.

Make use of existing spaces

A home office can be in any part of the house – a corner in the living room, in the bedroom or the dining room can be refurbished to create a home office.

However, in order to do so, consider the existing use of the space. It is much better to create your productivity corner in a space that’s not frequented by others, such as the bedroom. This helps ensure that the space has there is no disturbance when you begin to work in it.

Sometimes, it’s all about making use of a space that is underused. A walk-in wardrobe that is never used is the perfect place to turn into your own little workspace. Imagine the quietness that comes from the cosy corner, a lone table lamp shining sufficient light to illuminate the space.

To convert an existing space into a work station is quite easy. Consider the pieces of furniture that you will need to enhance your productivity. A simple work station would need a comfortable chair, and a table, at bare minimum, along with the necessary tools for your work to be completed: a laptop or a wooden backing for making sketches.

Besides that, you may want to include a space for archiving the work that you’ve done, in the form of folders or shelves.

Keep the work space vibrant and cheerful

While you might ignore this when you first design the work space, motivating yourself when doing the work can be a very big factor in making your work space productive.

As you begin to consider the visual complements of your space, think about a visual design that makes you happy. Will you be fulfilled with a classy monochrome design, or are you the type that loves loud and vibrant colours?

It would also be useful to place personal motivations around your work space. Motivational quotes, photos of your loved ones or memorabilia from your favourite places can serve as visual reminders of your personal long-term dream. Accessories such as picture frames will be useful for storing such reminders.

While a home work space separates work from the clutter of your house, you should also remember to keep the space relaxing and laid-back. The easier it is to relax in your work space, the easier it would be to get work started. In this regard, choosing cool colours on walls like blue or green might be better than choosing stark, bright colours like red. Bright colours should be reserved for things that warrant attention, like your mouse or drawer handles.

All in all, plans for a grandoise overhaul of a home office may sound challenging at first, but it really isn’t. Start looking for things that you want to change, and then source the furniture pieces that you would need from furniture rental or furniture shops. It takes only little more than your own design to turn your dream work space into a reality.