Study room design ideas for teenagers

A typical study room would always have bookshelves, cabinets for storing stationery, and desks, and chairs. However, your teenager may be looking for a study room that doesn’t intimidate him with a studious atmosphere. While customised furniture can provide functionality and make the best use of space, wall décor can keep monotony away. Teenagers love posters, bright walls, open shelves and the like. Here are some interesting study room design ideas for teenagers.


Have the right furniture

Experts generally recommend against using glass in study rooms for younger children. If you have two young teenagers, go ahead with an L-shaped desk to allow ample space for both. You can get it designed and made from customised furniture providers. Apart from a standard desk chair, it is good to have a cosy recliner and a coffee table. Buy open storage racks and consider the tastes and choices while deciding on the colour. Have a mix-match furniture design in the room. After all, teenagers do not like mundane things. Pop some bright colours and cool furniture.


Bookshelf designs ideas

If you would want your bookshelves to blend in with your walls, paint them in the same colour as your walls. For children into their late teens, a polished look can be achieved with glass doors on shelves. If you have a lot of books to stack together, consider including ornate, vintage bookcases. You can also rent them when you rent furniture for the rest of the room. If you have an eclectic collection of books, monochromatic, simplistic style shelves can balance out the look well.


Do not ignore proper lighting

It is good to have large windows if the room has sufficient exposure to natural daylight. You do not want your teenager straining his or her eyes when they study. If the room tends to be dark, high-quality lighting is necessary. Apart from wall and ceiling lights, desk and shelf lighting are important to help children concentrate and feel positive. Depending on the temperature, you can use blinds or lightweight curtains.


Combine casual décor with formal themes

An ideal teenager’s study is a place that inspires and de-stresses. Have ample space for posters and wall décor. You may also want to include space for scribbling notes on doors of cupboards and shelves. Customised furniture stores provide cabinets with notice boards. You can achieve a blend of casual and formal by ethnic patterns and bright colours for your furnishings.


Opt for a green study room

Incorporate elements from nature in your teenager’s study room. Use indoor plants to decorate empty corners or bedsides. This is important, keeping in mind proper oxygen flow and a refreshing environment. However, it is important to keep it minimalistic and not to have too many plants. A modern study can also have creepers running along window sills. Grass-style rugs also provide a natural feel.


Personalize for a unique look

Customised furniture lets you decide how much space you want to allocate to storage, seating and decoration. You can also demarcate different areas by using ethnic area rugs. Encourage your children to personalise their desks with handmade objects, stickers and photograph frames. If the room has some space near the window, set up a neat seating area here for your kids to relax.