Solid wood vs particle board furniture

Particle board furniture is a quick-fix for renters and those on a budget. More people are using particle board for their custom made furniture since it is a cost-effective option. It can be masked with glossy veneer and given the finish of expensive furniture. However, just like solid wood furniture, particle board furniture is not without its share of disadvantages. Here are some important things to know about solid and particle board furniture.


Particle board is engineered wood, made from sawdust and wood flakes. These particles are mixed with phenolic resin, a glue, and firmly pressed using a hot-press machine to derive a sheet.

Solid wood furniture is derived from timber-yielding trees. The logs obtained from felled trees are cut down into smaller pieces.


If you are buying particle board furniture, make sure to keep water away from it. Particle boards are sensitive not only to water, but also to moisture. Pre-lamination can protect particle board furniture from humidity and moisture to some extent, but not from water.

Furniture made of woods like teak have an astonishing capability to resist water. These woods have oil content. This is the reason that teak furniture can be used outdoors, in gardens and balconies.


Particle board furniture is lightweight, which increases its portability. This is because the composition of particle board furniture is less dense. However, this also means that they are the weakest material you will get for custom made furniture.

Solid wood is naturally homogenous material, which makes furniture much stronger. It can be classified into hardwood and softwood. The former is stronger than the latter. Teak and Sheesham are hardwood, while pine wood and mango wood are softwood. Due to its strength and density, solid wood furniture can get clunky and difficult to move at times. It is better to get cupboards and sofas made of hardwood on furniture rental.


Furniture made from particle boards lasts around 5 years at the most. The reasons for damage could be wear and tear, humidity or even breaking.

On the other hand, ply boards can easily last for 15-20 years. Furniture made of good quality solid wood lasts for decades. There have even been instances of them lasting a whole century.


Particle board furniture is a lot cheaper than solid wood, blockboard, plywood, MDF and HDF furniture. The reason is that they are made from the by-products of blockboard and plywood. You can even paint it or have a veneer finish done by your custom made furniture company.

Solid wood furniture is expensive because it is made of pricey woods like ebony, teak, maple and the like. However, the investment is worth it. If you are on a tight budget, consider getting it on furniture rental.


At the time of manufacturing, a fine layer of decorative laminate is glued over the particle boards’ surface. This makes them look expensive and increases water-resistance to an extent.

While buying custom made furniture made from solid wood, you can select the decorative laminate you require. It is glued over the surface separately.