Simple Ways to Work Stripes Into the Modern Home

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Stripes have been trending in the fashion industry for a long time now. As a result, they are finding their way into the modern home. From bedding and pillows to wallpapers and rugs, whether vertical or horizontal, thick or thin, stripes have a unique ability to capture the eye and restyle a living space.

Colours and patterns play a huge part in setting the mood in your spaces. The addition of stripes adds a sense of movement and stimulation. Moreover, the stripes also generate a well-balanced, yet mild interior space for friends and family. The minimalism associated with stripes affords your interior design an update that is chic and timeless.

You can easily pair stripes with other furniture pieces in your living space by matching a particular shade of colour, or by imitating lines in the architectural blueprint.

If you’re wondering how to work stripes into your own living space, this article highlights several ways you can introduce the trend in a chic, functional way.

Black and white stripes

If you love black and white stripes and wish to bring them into your interior space, you need to consider a few aspects. First, do you choose thick or thin stripes? If you want a modern look, go for thicker stripes while the thinner stripes bring a vintage look.

While black and white is a traditional colour combination, when embedded into stripes, this classic pairing turns into a fashion trend.

Horizontal vs. vertical

Should you go for vertical or horizontal stripes? Well, it depends on what you want to achieve. Generally, vertical stripes are more traditional and create the impression of height hence making ceilings appear taller than their actual height. In contrast, horizontal stripes are more modern and accentuate the width of the room.

Thick vs. Thin

Both thick and thin stripes have their unique advantages. Generally, the larger the room, the wider wall stripes ought to be. If you live in a small space, opt for thin stripes as they give the allusion of a bigger space. On the other hand, thick stripes are well suited for larger rooms.

In terms of how to play with stripes in your home, there are various ways to do so.


If a painted wall is not an option, striped wallpaper works just fine. Identify one main wall to cover with striped wallpaper, not the whole room.


Stripes are not just meant for your walls. Instead, you may want to consider striped flooring using a carpet of your choice. For a more traditional style, opt for neutral color stripes while a more modern style features brighter stripes.


Don’t forget the ceiling when decorating your interior. In more angular rooms, extend the stripes trend up to the ceiling to add further interest and draw the eye to the room’s angles. A striped ceiling is suitable for the bathroom or bedroom.

Striped curtains

When wallpapering and painting isn’t viable, consider adding striped curtains. Go for rich colours as well as a floor-to-ceiling length creating the impression of a taller ceiling. Bear in mind that striped curtains are not meant only for your child’s room. All rooms and décor can benefit from the elegance of stripes. In terms of colour choice for your striped curtains, consider the function of the given room. For instance, neutral colours are appropriate for the bedroom as they don’t agitate the eye and should blend well with the rest of the interior décor.

Striped furnishings

Introduce a striped piece of furniture to your living room. For a subtler design, a striped custom-made sofa delivers a sense of sophistication to your space. For your customised bed in Singapore, consider multihued stripes to achieve your desired bedroom style. If your existing furnishings include block colours, you can choose to accessorise the look using striped scatter cushions. Remember to maintain the same colour theme.