Refresh Your Student Hostel Without Breaking the Bank

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As students leave their hometowns to live in a different city or neighbourhood, an important consideration is their accommodation. A safe and comfortable place to stay is important for students to feel at home.

That is why regularly refreshing or updating the look and feel of your hostel room is an important function you need to consider, to be able to keep up with different trends and styles for a modern look.

As students hold a place’s look in extremely high regard, the overall look of the places they are about to stay in must appeal to them. Student-friendly furniture is a must. As the one running the hostel, you must take these concerns into consideration.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your hostel looking fresh and cozy for different students:

Consider Privacy
Nowadays, people value privacy more than ever. You can provide privacy to your guests by providing dividers. They can be as simple as solid colored curtains. It makes a huge difference to be able to provide privacy to each student.

Have Your Furniture Be Custom Made
One thing to make your hostel stand out from the rest is to have your furniture custom made. Custom made furniture gives your hostel its own unique personality, making it extremely attractive for students looking for an interesting and unique place to stay. Although custom made furniture can cost a bit more than off the rack furniture, you can save money by upgrading your set up. If you have old bed frames, you can repaint them on your own or up cycling unused wood furniture to save some bucks to bring even more character to your hostel.

Add a Pop Of Colour
Instead of sticking to boring neutrals, why not add a dash of colour in your hostel? For example, you can add an accent wall in each bedroom to create contrast or add it on your hostel’s communal areas like the living room and kitchen. Adding an accent wall can brighten up the entire atmosphere of your hostel. When you chose the right color, it can also give an illusion of bigger room and wider space. An accent wall is not that expensive to implement, as it only requires a few tubs of paint. In fact, it’s so simple you can actually do it on your own!

As mentioned above, up cycling your old furniture is one way to refresh your student hostel without breaking the bank. Have several worn out coffee tables in the attic that are still usable? Have them re-painted and re-conditioned! This way, you will skip out on paying for raw materials and will only have to pay for labor. If doing it yourself is your fancy, you can definitely save a lot of money by following tutorials and do-it-yourself guides on the Internet. Do-it-yourself projects are perfect for people who want to explore their creative talents. It is also another way to add a personal touch to your furniture and your hostel!