Recommendations on How to Care for Your Sofa

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Fabric sofas have been in trend for quite some time now. Everyone loves the trendy colours and patterns you can choose and how nice they look in your living rooms. However, fabric sofas do need regular maintenance if they are to keep their charm in your living rooms. Here is a list of tips on how to care for your fabric sofas:

Vacuum Regularly

Fabric sofas tend to attract dust very easily. The dust causes gradual wear and tear in the sofa leading to the deterioration in its condition. Regular vacuuming can prevent dust particles from settling on your sofa and making a cosy little nest for themselves. If your sofa is constantly exposed to an open window or door, there is also the chance of dirt creeping in your sofa which will also cause wear and tear. Vacuuming also prevents this dirt from accumulating on your sofa. We recommend you use an upholstery attachment while vacuuming so you can get the maximum amount of dust and dirt out and not harm your precious sofa in anyway.

Avoid Sunlight

Colours fade in sunlight over time especially if they are dark colours. Avoid putting your sofa in a spot where the sun is hitting it directly. Other than the colours, the constant exposure to heat weakens the fabric of the sofa and it is more likely to become loose around the edges where it keeps expanding and shrinking because of the fluctuating temperature.

Don’t Miss a Spot

In case of a spill, don’t dilly nor dally. Get yourself a wet cloth and make sure it soaks up as much of the stain immediately as possible. Letting the stain settle is an amateur mistake which you should avoid because it is harder to get the stain out of the fabric once it has spread. Minimize the circumference of the spill so you don’t have to clean and possibly wrinkle a larger portion of the sofa.

Professional Help

There’s only so much you can do at home. If you want your sofa looking fresh all the time, consider getting your sofa professionally cleaned occasionally. A professional cleaning session twice a year will ensure your sofa doesn’t suffer from the usual neglect we amateurs inflict. If you have custom made furniture or rental furniture from WTP Singapore, our team will provide you with professional tips on how you can maintain your fabric sofas as well.


Your sofa comes with a guide on how to clean it, much like a tee. ‘S’ stands for solvent that means you should use water free solvent only solutions when you or someone cleans your sofa. A ‘W’ means water only so you shouldn’t use solvent solutions on these sofas but should use water only cleaning products. A ‘SW’ means this sofa is tough enough to handle both.

Try these tips out on your sofas and see the difference for yourself!