Personalise Your Rental Home While Following Regulations

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Renting a house in Singapore comes with countless rules and regulations from the property owner. While most people will use this as an excuse to live in a dull and boring house, creative tenants will always look for ways to make a house feel like home by incorporating features that will not affect your deposit. The changes that you make, in order to better represent your personality, may range from small modifications on the doorknobs to doing away with the classic white walls in every room. This guide below will take you through some of the ways that you can use to make a rented apartment feel like your own.

Painting the Walls
The colour of your walls influences the look of your house. Most property owners will paint their homes white since it is a neutral colour for everyone likely to rent the house. However, this colour may not suit your tastes. You can talk to your landlord about painting the house in a new colour of your liking and then repaint it back to white when moving out of the house. Sometimes the landlord may end up loving your colour combination if you are using neutral colours. If so, you minimize the hassle of having to repaint. Alternatively, you can go for a wallpaper to cover any ugly walls in the house.

Invest in Good Rugs and Carpets
You cannot repair a bad floor in a rental home, but that does not mean that it should stay in that condition. Companies that provide customised furniture in Singapore have different types of rugs ranging from the small brightly coloured ones to the largely patterned carpets. The rugs not only cover imperfect floors but they also offer the best ways of personalizing your rented home to fit your tastes and preferences. Your landlord will also thank you for the protective layer on the floor.

Accessories offer fabulous ways to personalize homes without the risk of losing your security deposit. You can accessorize using pieces of art, throws, funky cushions, or picture frames. Organizing art pieces or photos creatively on the wall will give an exciting look to your hallways and living room walls. Go for bold colors and patterns on throws, pillows or slipcovers to provide an excellent contrast to the neutral walls. Remember that everything in your house helps to make it a getaway haven, so you have to make everything as soothing as possible.

Mirrors all the way
If you just rented a small apartment and are worried about furnishing it, then you may consider investing in mirrors of all sizes. Mirrors usually make a small place look twice as big, and they will reflect the light in your house in a glorious way. You can choose a mix of rounded, square, and even rectangular mirrors to achieve the depth you are looking for in different spaces.

House lighting
Using proper lighting in your house creates the perfect ambience for relaxation. Using lamps in unexpected places (for example, in the bathroom) makes your house feel warm and inviting to everyone. You may go for chandeliers or other hanging light fixtures on your dining area if you have a strong taste for elegant and sophisticated homes. The lighting that you use to personalize can range from very expensive or easily affordable depending on the type and its use.

Personalizing your rented house is not as hard as people tend to think. Some tenants will consider buying some items at a flea market while others will go to shops providing customised furniture in Singapore to get the exact thing that they want. Most landlords will have many restrictions on altering the look of your rented home permanently while a smaller group will be open to new ideas. Therefore, you should consider talking to your landlord before changing your new home.