New Home Furnishing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of in 2017

New Home Furnishing Trends You Need To Be Aware Of in 2017

In 2017, strictly antique and oversized furniture are out, both of which have had been greatly trending in 2016. The new furnishing trends are more focused on creating creative functional use of spaces, all the while making them your personal space.  Read on to find out more about this year’s furnishing trends.

Smart Home Features

Over the past couple of years, our lives have increasingly begun to revolve around the devices we own. Recent furnishing trends are all about Smart TVs, censor lights or charging docks that are dedicated to these devices.

Inspiration from Nature

The idea of incorporating nature within the four walls of our sanctuary remains strong this year too. This has given rise to the new trend of incorporating “Natural Elements” in the furnishing world. It involves placing roughly hewn bunches of materials in an elegant context.  Taking inspiration from natural experiences like the peace and tranquillity of a Swiss mountain lake or wildness of a rocky coastline, designers play with different combinations of glass, wood and metal with the aim to come up with something exciting. Their aim is to design furniture that would generate an association with archaic landscapes.


Our homes act as our retreat from the stress of the daily hustle; we should make an effort to make it as comfortable as possible. Do not save your expense in this area! Designers and furnishing consultants often emphasize the importance of integrating comfort into your home decor. This personal furnishing style is based on one’s mood, state of mind or state of inner feeling and one’s own preferences. To create a quiet and peaceful sanctuary, it is best to opt for a highly reduced, purist style of furnishing. You should stick to a combination of natural colours and materials, with clean lined furniture. The incorporation of materials such as wood, metal and glass help to create a meditative atmosphere.

Efficient Home Office

With home-based work and online freelancing jobs on the rise, more and more people have dedicated a space of their house for a home office. This year, home office furnishing is all about multi-layer and multi-purpose furniture to make the most out of the limited space you have available. It is best to go for customised furniture that is best suited for your needs. Designers are more focused on efficient work spaces that are relaxed and comfortable, rather than being corporate and sterile.

Bar Trolley

The bar trolley has made a comeback this year by proving itself to be stylish as well as a functional item. It can act as your side table, holding your favourite books, magazines and pot plants or as a decorative bar where you can keep a bottle of your favourite gin.

These are the top furnishing trends of 2017 that you need to keep in mind while furnishing your home. The best thing is that you are now given the option to change up your decoration from time to time by renting furniture instead of buying them. This way, you can stay trendy by refreshing your home decor constantly with a cost-efficient system.