Myths about Customized Furniture

custom furniture

It is one thing to pick up a standard variant of a product off the shelf from a showroom and it is quite another to have one customized for your personal comfort and preferences. Imagine using furniture that has the perfect dimensions as you desire and has been custom tailored keeping your specific requirements in perspective? Whether you rent furniture or plan to buy, these customized variants are the ones you should be opting for.

Unfortunately, the concept of customized furniture is shrouded in a host of myths. It is important to bust these. We attempt to set the perspectives right.

Myth 1: Since they are Custom Built, they are Expensive

This may not actually be the universal truth. Although some forms could be a tad bit expensive than regular variants, others can even be cheaper as compared to readymade furniture bought reputed brands or large furniture houses. Renowned makers incur hosts of invisible expenses that are then rolled into the final pricing. These can be avoided when you go for custom makes. Besides, mass production will never guarantee the kind of quality or attention to detailing associated with customized creations.

Therefore, even though renting custom variants can prove to be marginally expensive as compared to standard variants in certain cases, the deal is truly worth it.

Myth 2: Maintenance of Custom Makes is Tough

When you buy or rent furniture, you will be expected to maintain it well. Many feel that custom built furniture is difficult to maintain and may require extra care for upkeep. It is important to understand that custom makes are only different from the regular ones in their designs, dimensions and sizes. There is no basic difference in the material used for creating them. Therefore, no special maintenance is required either.

Myth 3: Custom Variants are Difficult to Resell

On the contrary, the demand for personalized furniture is quite high and the supply comparatively low. Therefore, if you have chosen your range carefully with due evaluation, there will be no dearth of buyers once you wish to dispose them off for new ones. Today, people steer clear of regular variants and seek unique ones that would suit their specific needs. Provided you set the price points right, there are likely to be several takers for your range.

However, if you are still in doubt about the resale value and ease of finding customers, you can always rent furniture instead of buying. The most amazing personalized makes are up for rent these days.

Myth 4: Custom Made Furniture is not that Special After All

Well, custom created furnishing can be special in quite a few ways. Apart from the superior quality of make, you also get customized sizes and designs for suiting specific postures and body types. Some might also be designed for people with special needs.

Besides, with living spaces becoming smaller by the day, you may also need custom created furnishing for setting up small and compact workspaces. For instance, your small office or tiny studio will need furniture that can serve the required purpose and yet fit in comfortably, without creating clutter.

Anything that is tailor-made to suit your requirements should be highly preferred. Just make sure you choose your specifications judiciously, when ordering custom makes, either for purchase or rentals.

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