Is Renting Furniture to Stage Your House Worth It?

Sofa RentalRenting furniture to stage a house that you’re already selling doesn’t really make all that much sense when you first hear of it.

After all, you think that your home is good enough, and its value is very obvious. Well, for you, your property might be worth buying as it is, but convincing other people to buy it is a totally different story.

This is why people stage homes.

By staging a home, potential buyers can step into and feel how it’s like to live there once everything’s been set up. By improving the look of the place to make it ten times more attractive, the waiting time for the home to be sold goes down drastically from months to just a few weeks!

Is Home Staging Expensive?

That depends.

How many staged rooms do you need? If you want to stage the entire house, then it’s going to cost you quite a bit. However, remember that home staging is essentially renting furniture, so it’s not like you’re renting furniture for only a few days.

Most rental companies offer 3-month rental leases, which is plenty enough time to get your house listed and sold.

“What happens if my house gets an offer after a week?”

Good question. Seeing that you want with a furniture and sofa rental to stage your home, you’d probably worried what happens if it gets an offer much sooner than you anticipated.

First of all, congratulations. Second, you don’t need to worry much. 3 months is actually a perfectly reasonable time when selling a house. This is because even if a house gets an offer just a week into the lease, it typically takes many weeks for the entire sales process to be finished. You have to take into account that the inspection, attorney review, and the mortgage process typically takes weeks, if not months.

By keeping the furniture there until the house is formally sold, you don’t have to worry about staging the house again in case a deal falls through for some reason.

Should I Stage My Home to Make It Sell?


You may think that a furniture and sofa rental is an unnecessary expense, but remember that your house is losing value the longer it’s up on the market.

Basically, you are throwing away money every day that goes when your house doesn’t get sold. While staging doesn’t guarantee that it sells instantly, it does help make it sell better and faster.

It’s kind of like dressing a cake. Although we know how the cake tastes inside is what’s important, having a bit of attractive frosting and decoration helps it to sell. A LOT. Besides, a properly staged home creates a fully immersive experience that allows buyers to fully envision what it’s going to be like once they move in.

You can choose to have your property staged by a professional, or you can stage it yourself. Either way works because it’s an investment that ensures that your home is sold much sooner.