Interior Design Tips for a Student Bedroom

student room

Student bedrooms need not be all about chairs and desks or walls with monotonous color schemes. If done rightly, interior design in these places can inspire young minds and encourage them to embrace their space. Remember to endow your student bedroom with different colors, materials, and interesting souvenirs. Regularly rent furniture pieces to keep the furniture scheme fresh. Here are some tips on interior design in a student’s bedroom.

Make the bed brighter

More often than not, the bed will be used as a sofa or couch, and to keep it interesting is important. Even otherwise, it is often the focal point of the room. Invest in colorful bed sheets, cushion cases, and tapestries to hang on the wall behind or adjacent to the bed.

A headboard is a good idea, and you can get one from a hardware shop. Customized furniture companies, too, can design a bed with a headboard.

Use lights creatively

Be it floor lights or fairy lights for the walls, lighting can help bring positivity and brightness to an otherwise dull room. Fairy lights, in particular, can be used in a number of ways. Hang a collection of your favorite photographs and illuminate them with these lights. Fairy lights are inexpensive, and can be used by both male and female students.

Invest in good wall art

If you live on rent and hanging things on the wall isn’t allowed, there’s a way out. Hang photographs, poster quotes, wall decals, or even blackboard wall maps. You can also get a cork board to hang necklaces.

Keep the furniture functional

Students often face storage problems when they move in independently. Even otherwise, it becomes tricky to store bedding, books, clothes, and the like in small student bedrooms. Get a box bed made from customized furniture provider, or a bunk bed if two people put up in the same room.

Use washi tape to decorate

This thin paper tape is an excellent way to add color to a student’s bedroom without annoying the landlord. It can be used to create interesting shapes, objects, and words that define your personality. Washi tape leaves no residue when taken off, and can be used to frame posters, photographs, and even decorate doors and windows.

Creative bookshelf ideas

You could always use boxes and ladders to create DIY bookshelves, but they can be hard to make. One good idea is to get your customized furniture company to create a bibliochaise or a corner bookshelf. A cuboidal ottoman is a good way to combine seating and storage. When you rent furniture, you can get a proper bookshelf on rent, as well.

Break up the area creatively

If you don’t have a separate student’s bedroom because you live in a studio apartment, use furniture units smartly. Use different furniture pieces and area rugs to mark out different zones. Another idea is to incorporate greenery to add color and reinvigorate the surroundings. If you wouldn’t be able to maintain them frequently enough, silk plants are a good option.