Interior Design Styles: 5 Popular Types Explained

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Planning to redecorate your home? Are you in search of some good and authentic interior style themes? Look no further because below we have mentioned the top most commonly used interior design styles used all around the world.

 Mid-Century Modern
Here, you are going to see some of the most iconic interior design pieces. Each one of them is characterized by natural shapes and refined lines. The mid-century modern designs were created by some of the most amazing designers like Saarinen, Eames, and Noguchi. These masters gave a new standard to interior décor. They utilized moulded plastic, aluminium, and other materials and built masterpieces out of them.

The industrial theme stresses the use of bare steel along with distraught elements of wood, at times combined with bare brick walls. However, the modern industrial themes utilize copper-tone accents. Generally speaking, the industrial theme brings out a more mature and rustic look in the décor.

The nautical theme is the key to creating a relaxing, warm and a serene environment. It is most commonly known by the name of coastal or cottage décor. If you love the New England beach house spirit, then the nautical theme is for you. The foundation of this interior design theme is usually sand coloured or white, with the primary accent as blue.

If we were to talk about the materials used in this theme, it usually incorporates unfinished wood in chairs and tables, along with an elegant linen upholstery for the seats and sofa. Nautical themes can also include hammocks to add to the beach-looking interior.

The Scandinavian design is a popular look that many people opt for. It combines the mid-century modern movement to the interior architecture. It usually features gentle and smooth contours, vibrant accent colours, plus a good balance of organic and concocted materials. Simply put, the Scandinavian design and furniture are simple, functional and modern. A wide range of Scandinavian themed interior furniture comprises of white with grey tones as the basic foundation. If you are looking for this sort of furniture you can buy them, or consider renting furniture in singapore as there are some really good furniture leasing shops in Singapore.

Finally, the Bohemian style we all have heard about. The Bohemian style is the other name for a carefree and an audacious spirit. It consists of the creative use of the rich and vibrant colours. Colours like red and purple are the most common choices of the Bohemian décor style. When designing your home with Bohemian style, remember to stay as carefree as possible. A messy look is what you need to achieve. Layer on throws, rugs, mats, pillows and build up a warm and a welcoming setting for yourself. When looking for custom made furniture, go for items that are ethnic. Something like Moroccan, or tribal designs. Think outside the box: metallic accents, animal hide, wood, boho chic are all trending and are classy, making them a great fit for the Bohemian interior design theme.