Interior Design Secrets Many Are Dying to Know

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Much like going to a professional hairstylist to get your hair done, you go to an interior designer to give you the home you have always wanted. But, unlike hairstylists, good and reputable interior designers don’t come cheap, which is why many homeowners are tempted to go down the DIY route.  Fortunately, it is possible to do as good of a job as an interior designer when decorating your own home. All it takes is knowing a secret or two.

There’s More to Painting than Just Painting
Did you know that there’s more to painting walls than just, well, painting them? Interior designers don’t just go with the typical preparation. No, after covering walls with a layer of plaster, they will coat the walls with primer at least four to five times to create a perfectly level surface before even thinking about painting over it.

That’s the sort of preparation that most homeowners don’t want to invest in and is exactly what you’ll need to do if you want your living space to look professionally designed.

Pay Attention to Your Bedroom
Which rooms do you think you pay the most attention to when redecorating? The kitchen? Or, maybe it’s the living room? How about your bedroom? Most homeowners don’t pay nearly enough attention to their bedrooms, which is why the furniture arrangement or design is usually awkward. Starting with the bed placement is a good idea. For example, making sure that the head of the bed is visible from the door.

Wallpapers Can Be Vintage
In the right conditions, pure and non-acidic paper can survive for years, even centuries. This is why you’ve probably heard of people selling vintage wallpapers for a decent price, and why you shouldn’t always stick with brand new wallpapers.

Don’t Place Up Your Artwork Too High
There’s no such thing as too much artwork. However, there is such a thing as placing them too up high. As a general rule of thumb, if you have to crane your neck to get a good look at your painting, then you’re doing it wrong.

You Can Always Lease
Redecorating not need be a one-way process where there’s no turning back. You can look for a place offering furniture rental in singapore if you want to redecorate your house without making the full commitment of buying your own furniture just yet. This way, you can always return the furniture in case you change your mind, and if you don’t, you can always ask where you can buy something similar at the end of your rental period.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Custom
There’s nothing that irks homeowners more than that awkward-looking space in their house that’s near-impossible to find the right furniture for.  Luckily, customised furniture in singapore can help you with that. You can get custom-made furniture that’s made to fit your specific needs and wants so they fit perfectly with the look of the entire house. Don’t let these secrets stay a secret. Apply them to your own house so you can decorate your interior space in the way you have always wanted.