Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

living room

Designing small spaces can prove to be challenging. Especially, if it happens to be the living room where you are likely to spend a lot of time, space constraint can cause serious challenges for interior designers. How do you add a false sense of space? What are the furniture rentals to opt for? What about wall furnishings and upholstery? Here are some tips and ideas for doing up your quaint living room.

Use mirrors and wallpaper

Often, small living rooms, especially if there are fewer windows, can feel boxed in. In order to avoid this, you need to choose a central point of focus for the living space and boost lighting in and around it and add some depth by placing a mirror across from the position of the window. When the mirror reflects the outside view, it will provide a sense of an extra window, and hence the element of suffocation will simply vanish. The central seating should be close to the papered wall. This will help in lending a sense of space.

Divert the attention upward

If the horizontal dimension of your living room is limited, you can always make the most of the vertical dimensions. Diverting the attention upward is one of the best ways to add a false sense of spaciousness. You can add, ceiling to floor drapes that are lightweight and stylish. Lightweight yet tasteful chandeliers can also do the trick. Remember, when the space is limiting, heavy chandeliers or highly ornamental light fittings are to be strictly avoided.

Settle for neutral palettes

Dark shades on the walls can make your room appear even smaller. So always settle for neutral shades like creams, light peaches and beiges for pushing back the walls and creating more virtual space within your living space. Soft shades will also add a sense of illumination by reflecting the light and make the room appear bright and lively. Make sure the upholstery you choose is of light shade as well, albeit in contrast to the colors on the wall.

Choose furniture judiciously

When you select your furniture rental for your small living room, remember, the idea would be to utilize space optimally. You should opt for furniture with built in storage. Also, if your living space is shaped differently, the furniture you should be able to fit into the floor space without wasting space around the corners. So, if an L-shaped sofa is best suited, settle for it rather than going for a horizontal one simply because it is more comfortable or because you have a liking for the color or the fabric. You might even consider renting custom made furniture for your space. In such cases, furnishings can be chosen on the basis of specific measurements for fitting in just right. Avoid clutter, choose only what you need.

Another way to add a sense of softness and an illusion of more space within the confines of a room is to add plants and greenery. You can keep them around the room, especially in the corners and around the windows for adding depth to the d├ęcor.