How to Utilise Your HDB Balcony Space?

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Most of the flats from Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB) come with spacious balconies that lift the entire look and feel of the flats. However, that doesn’t imply that you can’t engage your creativity and innovative prowess to utilise that space in your own way. In fact, using custom made furniture can give your balcony an entirely different look and feel.

Unfortunately, not many think in this way, even when custom furniture in Singapore is easily available. They leave their balconies drab, lifeless and boring. Go against the tide and consider your balcony to be your very own private space up there in the sky. You can think of it as a modest reflection zone, or a little world that entirely belongs to you in your very own way. The bottom line is that, when it comes to utilizing a spacious HDB balcony, the sky is the limit. Here are a few ideas for your perusal that will inject up your balcony with life and vigor.

Dining and Drink

Are you blessed with a balcony that overlooks the majestic skyline of the Singapore city or the glistening blue of the Straits of Singapore in the distance? Make sure you make arrangements that let you soak in every bit of that breathtaking view as you dine with your family or have a few drinks with your partner or friends in a quiet evening. Make sure you see the bright blue morning sky lightened up by the fresh sunlight as you have your breakfast with your kids. Make your balcony the place where you have a table or custom made furniture like couches and recliners.

Read, Sleep, and Relax

If you are a voracious reader or have profound interest in music, what better place is there to relax and spend some moments alone than your cozy balcony? All you need to do is set up your custom-made furniture, in whatever way you like, at one corner of your balcony. Let the world pass by – while you relish those idle moments – in a sea of quietness.


Who says gardening needs a large garden or backyard? You just need some innovative ideas to transform your balcony into a mini garden. Set up some modestly sized planters boxes at strategic points and use some artificial turf as a border. Then again, keep in mind not to clutter the space. A floral touch here and there will do the trick. Add some small garden tools here and there, alongside some colourful plants and flowers and there you have it! You have your little garden in the sky.

You can do anything you like – starting from setting up a furniture showcase, to even a reading room – as said earlier, the sky is the limit when it comes to utilising your HDB’s balcony in an innovative way.