How to rearrange your room to accommodate a christmas party

Christmas and the New Year is a busy time for Singaporeans. With festivities a few days away, you are probably sweating over your room arrangement. Experts suggest that one should use the largest room to hold the party. Try going Moroccan by spreading out the arrangement on the floor using pillows and throws in bright colours. You can rent furniture for seating for a short while as well. Here are some ways to rearrange your room to accommodate a Christmas party.

Rearrange furniture to let people mingle

You might be tempted to push all your furniture to the walls to create extra room. However, this works only to create space for dancing or games in kids’ parties. Moreover, it only creates floor space, when conversation space is what a Christmas party needs.

Instead of having just one large space for everybody to sit, try creating various mingling areas. Use area rugs to separate a couple of ottomans and a coffee table from the main sofa. Add a couple of loveseats to the arrangement.

Quick fixes for spaciousness

Making the room feel spacious is important. In small apartments, you can try some tricks to make your room feel spacious. Mirrors would not increase the floor area but give off the appearance of roominess. Mount them on walls using temporary release stickers. Extra light using brighter lamps in the corners is also a good idea.

Have your furniture do double duty

Rent furniture that can multi-task. For instance, two coffee tables arranged side to side can function as a mini dining table. You can order compact benches from your customised furniture provider, for cramped spaces as well. You can even lay a wooden board on the top of a smaller table and expand its functionality. Customised furniture stores can add sliding platforms to Kitchen Island tops too.

Rearrange the Christmas tree smartly

Do not waste a lot of space when you place your Christmas tree. You will have to consider the overall area you have. Determine which piece of furniture you can afford to move out. Even if the party area is large, do not obstruct passages. Place trees away from your media centre and the fireplace as well. Try to get an idea of the view from all possible vantage points.

Arrange the dining table in two rooms at once

Never mind if the room is too small to arrange your dining table. Many people host their dinners by setting up the table through the passage between two rooms. It is even better if your table can collapse after supper so that people can pass easily. If this does not seem convenient enough, try turning the table at an angle. People can sit comfortably and get up easily.

Expert tips on room arrangement for a Christmas party

There are some ideas that work almost every time while rearranging your room for parties. Serve food in small plates instead of one main course. It is not necessary to have a proper bar. You can simply offer wine, beer, and a signature cocktail in pitchers. This arrangement is chic as well. Keep decorations and knick-knacks off valuable surface space, and simply hang them.