How to pick the perfect living room furniture

How to pick the perfect living room furniture

The living room is the one place you should never go wrong when it comes to selecting your furniture, as it is usually the first area that can be seen in your home. It is also where a family will spend most of their time together and will therefore need to have a welcoming feel to it. Hence, here are some important factors you should consider before picking out your furniture.

Living room layout

As different living rooms will have different layouts, it is important for you to know the dimensions of your own living room before you buy any furniture. This way, you will know the exact sofa size you would like to buy and how much room to leave for a coffee table or space for walking. In homes with children, you should certainly leave enough roaming space for your children to move around without being in danger of knocking into something. After taking the measurements, the next step will be to buy furniture pieces that fit the measurements taken. Buying the pieces one by one will help you visualize the next item to purchase and where you will place it after buying it.  In this process, you can also allow yourself to picture how both family members and guests will use the room.


It is important to note that the living room is the most frequently visited room in the house. The furniture in the living room will tend to not only require more cleaning but will also succumb to wear and tear faster than the furniture in any other room. Therefore, the fabric chosen in this room should be of high quality and stain resistant with a luxurious look that will provide your family and guests a comfortable homey feeling.

Co-ordinate the living room furniture

This will depend entirely on the style you are going for, as the furniture you pick will depend on your own taste and preference. Whatever style you will be going for, the furniture pieces should be coordinated in terms of style and color shades. The coordination should go with a certain theme so that your furniture will not look chaotic and out of place. To ensure that all the pieces blend well together, having customized furniture will bring out a unique style in your living room.

Pick out a theme

There are different themes that will help you a great deal when you have to pick out furniture.

  • Modern Theme – A modern theme incorporates neutral colors like white and beige. Metal and glass type of furniture are commonly used as they create a more sophisticated look. Individuals whom live alone and don’t necessarily need to worry about breakage or baby proofing their furniture will commonly use the modern theme.
  • Traditional Theme – Traditional theme tends to take up colors with rich shades of red. It incorporates wooden furniture and also has armchairs with skirted bottoms.
  • Casual Theme – This is a cozy and friendly theme and is mostly suitable for families with small children, they include patterns and prints that are fun and set a welcoming and friendly tone to the living room.

You can also decide to rent furniture before purchasing it to help you with the final decision in the themes you are going for. It is also important to match the furniture you intend to purchase with the rest of the decorations you have in your living room.