How to mix-match furniture design styles

Establishing different layers of furniture lends dynamism to your space. It lets you explore different facets of how you would like your living space to be. Mixing and matching can still be a complicated process. There are both rules and a certain amount of freedom to what you can achieve with items available. Avoid having single, odd pieces of furniture. Customized furniture can not only help you with adjusting in your space, but offer useful surplus insights about things you haven’t even thought of. Read on to know how you can mix and match furniture design styles.

Make contrasts your style

Stylists are usually united on contrasts. They help shock and keep up the interest of the onlooker. Order rent furniture that has diverse items or order leggy chairs and recliners, with round, blocky sofas and seating. Another example is to contrast the old and the new. For instance, in a dining area, you can mix and match by having chrome chairs from the vintage era, along with a futuristic lighting set-up. For the living room, you can safely mingle a single-legged Saarinen chair with Victorian style seating.

Involve totally unrelated elements

If you have got sets of furniture which requires utilizing, for instance, a recliner or a sofa-cum-bed, you can still mix-and-match. The key is to use unrelated pieces. You could add another chair to your living space, or add cushions with similar patterns. You could also hang pieces of wall art or tapestry. Tables and counters can be accessorized by using vases, small tables and pen-holders.

Unify using shapes and colors

Subtly utilize shapes throughout the furniture scheme of a living space. One example is to have totally different chairs that have at least one commonality. This can be curved backs, or rounded arms, or anything else. Colors also serve the same purpose while you mix and match furniture. Instead of having the exact same color, go for different shades of it. Common shapes and colors can lend stylistic cohesion.

Keep the scale in mind

This point is especially for specific sections and spaces. Having chairs of different styles and with different colors around the dining table or some such area is a good idea, however, only if they are of similar size and scale. Harmony should be preserved even while mixing and matching. Scale isn’t only about measurements, but visual weight. Outwardly, your furniture has a dynamic difference to it, but the balance helps one notice the obvious contrast.

Know what your plan is

Whenever you mix and match a furniture, there has to be a unifying scheme to it. Don’t let vivid colors and scattered styles overwhelm your original plan. Don’t get carried away while shopping for your furniture, and, in fact, research carefully to rent furniture that falls in place with colour scheme. This can be done by maintaining the same line of accents and colors throughout. You should also introspect on whether it is colors, shapes, or styles that you want to mix-and-match with. Be bold, but know the limits and try to keep it understated.