How to make your furniture look more lavish

It is not necessary to splurge your décor budget on a chair that you have been eyeing for long. Owning classy, expensive-looking furniture can be done without buying it. Pieces that doesn’t look expensive can be refurbished to look lavish. DIY projects include using spray paint in silver or gold or repurposing them. People who want to save money and have expensive pieces often rent furniture as well. Here are some ideas on how to make your furniture look more lavish.


Refinish with contact paper

This method is quite popular in DIY furniture refurbishing. Simply cut neat shapes from the contact paper sheet. Clean the surface and sand down any bumps. Using a precision hobby knife, remove uneven edges and stick it firmly to the surface of a bureau or a cabinet door. However, you cannot do it when you rent a furniture.


Experiment with sleek patterns

Colours and patterns decide whether your furniture looks ordinary or expensive. Using sleek patterns, you can convert a low-cost customised furniture piece into a premium edition one. Good ideas are geometric patterns and even angular ones. Straight lines help introduce crispness, while curving lines blend emotion to sharpness.


 Invest in good quality upholstery

Instead of splurging on the frame, it is a good idea to invest in superior quality upholstery. This is actually the exterior of your furniture. Thick textures and moderately glossy surfaces make good choices. It is actually better to go into the details and opt for processes like button tufting and contrast welting.


Use colourful wallpaper to renew old furniture

Covering old tables in the dining area with expensive-looking wallpapers can lend them some sheen. You can even refurbish old chairs using wallpapers in lively colours. This, too, is a DIY project that you can do with permanent glue and a hobby knife. Apply the glue to the top of the table uniformly. Spread the wallpaper over it and let it dry.


 Add elements from vintage styles

Go retro by opting for styles from the yesteryears. Trends suggest that mid-century furniture is still very popular. If you do not want to spend a lot, you can rent furniture with vintage elements as well or otherwise, have a mix-match furniture designs styles to bring about vintage styles. However, it is necessary to have contemporary pieces as well.  Popular examples of retro styles include hairpin legs, side tables in dipped-paint, or transforming baby-changing tables into bar carts.


Go for customised furniture

Getting your furniture customised is a good way to get expensive-looking furniture without spending too much. Look at your favourite designs on the internet for inspiration. You can use inexpensive alternatives for finish and material. Once the piece is delivered, spray paint it in silver or golden for a premium look.


Give flat chairs a makeover

Get a fabric in an abstract print to cover the chair with. Get permanent glue and a hobby knife and remove the chair’s legs. Apply the glue uniformly to the surface of the chair and lay the fabric over it. Wait for it to dry and cut the edges off. Remember that you would need a flat chair. Else, get it from a customised furniture store.