How to Furnish a Rental Like You Own It

Nothing is more frustrating than living in a rental and not being able to do much as far as decorating it goes. This is especially true when there are strict rules set in the rental agreement. However, even as a renter and even with the rules, there are ways that you can make your rental feel like your own.

Below, we’ve got ideas for renters who want to make their homes look better without necessarily breaking any rules.

1.    Ask if you can repaint the space

Even if there are rules in place, it shouldn’t hurt to ask. Most landlords often only have those rules in place in case a renter doesn’t finish the painting job and they have to deal with it once the renter leaves.

If you make a convincing argument and can actually pull it off properly, repainting is a great way to make the apartment feel like your own home.

The best part? Painting is cheap.  Not to mention, extremely satisfying.

2.    Invest in quality lighting

Lighting in rental properties leaves a lot to be desired. Lucky for you, it’s a chance to make the space feel more personal. Not forgetting the fact that it’s cheap too.

You can find plenty of affordable and stylish lighting options for your favourite furniture stores. Just make sure you do your research first, though. There is such a thing as “hierarchy” of lighting, and understanding that is key to making your rental feel like your own for a low price.

As an added bonus, you can always take lighting away with you once you leave.

3.    Add wall decorations

Gone are the days when the nail for art hangers are large and noticeable. These days, you probably won’t notice the mark they leave unless they’re pointed out to you. But this isn’t to say that you should just break the rules. Because there are alternatives that you can resort to without necessarily having to punch a hole (even if it’s tiny) on the walls.

These days, there are art hangers that use strong adhesives that you can put on your walls and hang decorations on.

4.    Use curtains and curtain rods

Most rental properties, for some reason, come with blinds. Though they may not seem like much to you, the bland and dreary design of most blinds can quickly age a room.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix to that in the form of curtains and curtain rods.

Most landlords really don’t mind if you put in curtain rods since you can simply hang the curtains in front of the blinds and be done with it. Not only are curtains a great way to add some personal touch and aesthetic value to your rental, but they’re also very affordable and come in a variety of designs. You can even have curtains custom-made if you want.

Other ways that you can make rentals feel like your own and more beautiful is by investing in high-quality furniture. Yes, they cost a lot. But, with the appearance of furniture leasing companies these days, you can afford them at a low monthly fee, and the best thing about renting is that you don’t have to worry about the furniture anymore once you have to leave and move to a new place.