How To Enhance The Lifespan Of Your New Furniture Set

How to enhance the lifespan of your new furniture set?

Getting new furniture for your homes or offices can be expensive and even resulting in you exceeding your budget. However, no matter how expensive or high quality your furniture may be, every single thing has a life span. It is then important to note the factors that can determine how long a product can last. To ensure that your new customised furniture will last longer, here are some useful tips to maintain your furniture:

  • Selection and handling

Whether you rent furniture to spruce up your house or your office or simply get customised furniture of your liking made, you need to make sure it is of a reasonable quality. However, the life span of your furniture is not entirely dependent on its quality. It will be best to treat your furniture with care by protecting them from dust and other harmful external factors.

  • Protection from stains

As you have likely already spent a lot of money on getting your new furniture, you should consider investing in stain proofing to protect your furniture. This will keep your furniture protected from any accidental spillage of drinks, as you will be able to remove the stain without much effort.

  • Keep the pets away

If you happen to own any pets, you will likely know the struggle of trying to clean their fur off the furniture or trying to stop them from damaging your furniture. Moreover, as your pets can be unpredictable, they may ruin your new furniture by scratching or trying to chew them. Hence, if you want your furniture to last its expected lifetime or beyond it, be sure to keep your pets as far away from your new furniture as you can.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight

Ensure that your furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight. The extreme UV rays from the sun may fade the colour of the furniture’s’ fabric. To prevent this, you should position your furniture carefully and consider using curtains and tablecloths to add more preventive measures to protect your furniture.

  • Basic eating etiquette

When eating, try to sit at an appropriate area like the dining area or somewhere with a table instead of your new sofa couch in order to prevent getting any stains on it. This will also reduce the amount of time and effort you have to spend on cleaning the stains. Additionally, it can be extremely difficult process with your furniture remaining stained despite your best effort to fix it.