How to Choose Furniture for Kids’ Room


Choosing furniture for your kid’s room can be hard, primarily because their choices seldom match with yours. Buying pieces keeping in mind their age-group could also be futile since kids grow so fast. But when you rent furniture pieces like changing tables and toddler rocker chairs, you don’t have to buy them forever. If you have twins, consider asking a customized furniture provider to design a bunk bed for you. Here are some useful tips on choosing furniture for kids’ room.

Decide on a budget

The room can have a creative furniture scheme, but it will be strictly keeping in with your budget. It is no use buying readymade pieces from a store even if it is not solving your purpose. Customized furniture offers both versatility and affordability. If you’re buying readymade furniture online, factor in shipping and handling charges as well. While working within a budget, keep in mind functionality, choosing durable elements.

Consider your child’s choices

Elegant and sophisticated furniture styles are suited more to adults’ rooms or your living room. The furniture should charm your children, and make them see the space as theirs. To ensure the same, invite suggestions from kids. Though you are not required to do everything they suggest, but know your choices better. The choices regarding the colour and material of the furniture still rest with you.

If you have very young kids, adopting a fun theme is easy with customized furniture. This can be done by adding a canopy to the bed, or by having the shelves painted in different colours. Replace the regular doorknobs with custom knobs like miniature hearts or footballs. However, if you are afraid that the kid will outgrow a certain furniture piece soon, you can rent furniture.

Keep safety in mind

Safety shouldn’t be restricted to changing tables. Make sure the edges are rounded and not sharp. Avoid lead exposure when getting customized furniture. Your children might still be young and with a higher susceptibility towards allergies. Make sure that the material used is natural, hypo-allergic, and non-toxic. Avoid furniture made from particle board and instead opt for solid plywood.

Prioritize simplicity and versatility

You could be tempted by brightly-coloured pieces from designer popular furniture brands, but simplicity pays in the long term. Funky chairs and desks might be good to look at, but would not last long. Children’s furniture is a long-term investment, and a loft bed with curtains is not a practical option.

Storage and functionality make a piece practical. Kids usually have a lot of toys, books, sports equipment, and clothes. Opt for durable, large wardrobes and under-bed drawers.

Easy to clean furniture

Young kids are going to be spilling liquids, ink, and even writing on the furniture. Make sure the material is waterproof and can be cleaned easily. This is helpful also when you rent furniture.

How should the desk be?

The desk is a central piece of the furniture in a kids’ room. They will need to sit at one for academic or creative work or to keep their personal belongings. Get a computer armoire made from a customized furniture company, with shelves for books, papers, and computer peripherals. Make sure that the desk height is standard, and have a good quality chair with adjustable height.

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